RA Drew

The Facts Edit

  • Age: 19? I dunno, he's the youngest. (The age hasn't been updated since created)
  • Sex: With gators
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Blood Type: Mountain Dew
  • Dwelling Place: Florida


Comes from a stable boring married family. He has a don't care whatever type of attitude that made Alex think he was Asian for some reason. (Hint: it was totally the monotone in his voice.)

Has a young brother that has world-famous two-hour shower jerk-off sessions. Has a younger brother who pretends he is a gangsta but collects all the Webkinz. (Bitches be lovin' the Webkinz.)

Interests and PersonalityEdit

The phrases "PC gaming" and "faggot" get lumped in the same sentence for him. He is the most deadpan. Because of this, WillyFresh had to re-evaluate which host needed to be murdered. (It's still Mitch, Drew comes in a close 2nd.)

Is infamous for his love of the SSX series, the one break from the PC gaming talk that ever comes out of his mouth. Has also been known to legitimately rassle gators. (Like, we're not even joking. There's pictures and stuff.)

He was on the Robot club, but he got kicked out for making a that's what she said joke. If he had a personality something would be said about it.


Was the former music editor for the podcast until Mitch took over around the time of Episode 022. Aside from that, he was known for being extremely soft-spoken on the show, perhaps moreso than Tony, and that's saying something. (However, Tony is soft-spoken due to his uncanny ability to be cut-off by the other hosts. Drew just never really talked much.) {Unfortunately when Willy was on Drew interrupted him multiple times}


No longer on the podcast due to management differences Part of non-disclosure agreements. His last appearance was on Episode 039. (However, he was in the banner for Episode 050.) He was ahead of his time. PC Gaming is the future and shitty music.

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