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RA 10

Length: 1:44:16

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony


Closing Song: Sub Zero Chinese Ninja Warrior

Content Covered:

  • LA Noire

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex (Fuck em) Dane Cook
  • Kate exposed Tony Johnson's on irriational cheese hatred by "lasagna"
  • Alex has a Steve Austin cardboard cutout.
  • Tony has no idea who GreenDay is despite other cast and Simpsons movie.
  • 90% of all forum posts on RA landing pages are now anime
  • Heard this before Alex mentioning the Amazon Wishlist Matt mentioned in episode (2)
  • Atari joystick penis controls first brought up (Haven't we heard this before?)

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • If we're going to bring up Jesus. Do you want to know my theory? I though Jesus was a really fucking crazy homeless person.
  • Tony doesn't jerk off because he fucks everything.
  • Mitch broke a world record of me not laughing for the longest time with the stupid fucking name job joke. Pulled a "Walt Disney"
  • Have you put your limp dick in something you couldn't get it out because it got hard? Once you are terrified it goes away.
  • You hit an Asian like a pinata and rice comes out.
  • Is it weird all the gay guys have a crush on me?
    • Tony - You are hot.
  • Send me hate mail. God of War III fucking sucks.
  • Let's get together for a big ol' rape.
  • Rape
    • Kate - It's a legitimate job.
  • Fuck God of War 3 make it into a movie.
  • If you listen to this and your a Christian you are going to hell.
  • We're 20 minutes in and I feel like no one cares.
  • That fucking son of a bitch bring up Megan Fox.
  • You heard it here first Tony is 2 missions in LA Noire and its a great game.


  • Drew. He is a fuckface.
  • I lure men into caves and kill the,.
  • It's this little independant film called the Bible.
  • This podcast needs to be shot.
  • Let's all rape each other.
  • Rape is not sexual.
  • You have an instinct to fuck animals?
  • Send me money so I can have a working PS3 for a chance of a shoutout.
  • (1:08:10) I'm a giant cunt but please buy me things.
  • No one comments, no one reviews us, no one likes us, no one sends us mail.
    • Alex - Unless it is something about anime and goes on for 8 pages.
  • One Piece was not the point of episode 8. What the fuck people.


  • (TURbo didn't find anything worth putting down here)


  • LA Noire would be in the running for GOTY.
    • Kate - No it won't.
  • Duke Nukem Forever might take it this year.
    • Alex - It will trip.

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