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Length: 2:10:02

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony

Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Community Service - Tony covers the Avatar movie

Facts and Shit:

  • Tony hates inception
  • Alex got called by Hally Berry.
  • Kate and Matt like Ghost Trick (First time mentioned?)
  • Fuck em 3x Tom Cruise
  • Start of Community Segment jingle.
  • Hate the FWB podcast

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Fuck my face.
  • I know a guy who sat on his balls and passed out.
  • Watch the Audition a great leaving movie.
  • I'm so mad I'm bored.
  • We hate Sonic so much he is relevant again.
  • Everytime I see oneofswords I think he is talking to me.
  • Do I have to do another Will Smith song?
  • I'm not Drew because I'm funny.
  • Don't say fuck me because I have a date.
  • When I fuck a girl she has to sign a legal waiver because she looks like the girl in Cannibal Holocaust
  • Some of us are better friends than others.
  • Here's what you do.
    • Kate  - Get yourself right out of town.
  • I got to talk to Hally Berry and I could care less. Thanks dad.
    • Matt - But that's just TURbo.


  • Holy fuck you suck ass.
    • Matt - We love you.
  • Fuck you.
  • Get laid while reading a book.
  • So much child penis.
  • It's the kung-fu kid they never went to Japan. Fuck that movie. I don't care who your father is.
  • I wasn't completely unfuckable.
  • You know what? Fuck you guys.
  • How long until a mo-cap suit is sold as a game device?
    • Alex - Fuck you. I would wear it outside.
  • You need to fucking find closure to Bubble Bobble?
  • Matt let's have our dicks intertwined.
  • That man loves penis, cock, and vagina, He enjoys prolapsed anus.
  • Fuck Dan Amrich.
  • Walking out of a theater I was prepositioned by a trucker.
  • I say nigger all the time.
  • The only people that hit on trannies are people in their 50's and 60's.


  • The girl usually forgets we are having sex.
  • I accidentally sat on my balls and it hurts.
  • I got scared about how low the balls hang.
  • I liked your tits in Swordfish. (hally berry)
  • Resident Evil 1 movie worst ever.
  • I don't like girls.
    • Alex -You get a young boy.
    • Now you're talking.
  • Charlie Barratt battles a jellyfish.
  • Justin Towell writes a big ass Sonic article on GamesRadar and I can smell his cum.
  • Christopher Lloyd is still alive?
  • When I'm around I'm the cast daddy.
  • (Inception) You don't know because you were asleep the entire movie.
  • First time I had sex I was high but I enjoyed wait.
  • I'm hard for you
    • Kate - I'm hard for you too, wait I can't.
  • KongKast
    • Alex - Fuck them.


  • Of Mice and Missionary.
  • We can't say nigger unless we have a black guy on.
  • I give out the n word passes.

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