RA 111

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Length: 2:50:46

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: Le Tran

Intro Alex facebook points to promote Random Assault

Closing Song - Sounded anime

Content Covered

  • Jo Jo Bizzarre Adventure
  • Suda 51 Killer is Dead


  • News and reviews?
  • Gamesites?
  • What animu should Matt watch next?
  • Character of same sex to fuck?
  • Kate "Is that a trick questions?
  • Why is furry porn more dominant in western culture?
  • Poison as a character?
  • Favorite monster cereal?
  • Top 3 games of 2013?

Notable Facts

  • When Matt wrestled in high school he could pop his shoulder socket to have the match reset.
  • Kate correct on Avril Lavigne Girlfriend was in Burnout Paradise. Told Mitch

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • My tip all inside of you. My 7 inch tip.
    • Matt "That's the worse penis ever."
  • Sonic fandom is a dark place.
  • If I kill Jon I can be rich.
  • Left Behind.
    • Matt "From Behind?"
  • Left Behind Ellie Gay, and Ellen Page declared she is gay the same day. 
  • Ellie eats cunt.
    • Matt "Maybe I need to check my priviledge."
    • Kate "I'm glad they can be subtle and not be anime."
    • Matt "Bioshock Infinite."
  • Batman 10 out of 10 one of the best games.
  • Jon is a social justice dork but not so bad I have to murder him.
  • Being gay isn't a 24/7 party.
  • 1/2 loves Nintendo unconditionally and the oter 1/2 trolls them knowing that.
  • I shold not be smarter than Sherlock Holmes.
  • I don't like shows where characters get killed equals depth. That doesn't mean good writing (cback)
  • Sonic the Fighters, Sonic the Racers, Sonic the Platformers.
  • I'm a fucking loser. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.
  • Mitch doesn't know what a podcast is. I'm not drunk yet. (Very drunk)
  • Is that a trick question? I made it clear I was a whore.
    • Matt "So all of them."
  • I been going down the rabbit hole of furry porn. You don't know how gay you're getting.
  • I'm not a furry I just masturbate to it.
    • Matt "You haven't lived until you seen an asshole fall out.
    • Kate "Or you do it."
  • I fucking hate children. I will break their fingers and sell them to gypsies.
  • If she dresses as a slut, fine by me.
  • This is racist assumed for the Chinese or other Asians
    • Le "It bothers people like BroPan?


  • You're my favorite guy.
    • Le "Thanks"
    • Kate "That means we can get a free banner out of you."
  • I was looking at it and masturbating.
  • Maybe I'm getting too old, but Burnout moves to fast.
  • We reset to buttsex position.
  • I found a cassette tape of Goldfinger.
  • Explain how men can be raped.
    • Kate "They can't. The body shuts down.
  • I had flat poos where it is flat on one side. I think there is something wrong with my butt. I have a lot of problems. When I'm stressed out I shit out popcorn chicken wings and hotsauce.
  • Elizabeth maybe sweet but she's a cunt. (Bioshock Infinite)
  • Is Smash Brothers a puzzle game or a fighting game?
    • Mitch "Fuck this I'm gonna eat a fucking sausage."
  • I hated Family Guy before everyone else.
  • I only want to be buff for comedic reasons.
  • I don't understand why I'm ahead of the curb of things that suck.
  • I'm occassionally funny too but it doesn't mean you should listen to me.
  • BroPan doesn't follow gaming news.
  • I know there is an attack. It's called Attack on Titan.
  • Most modern games are hard. I'm old.
  • I didn't think Shadows of the Damned was weird because I live that everyday.
  • My balls really smell.
    • Kate "Mine too, I didn't shower today.
  • Stop it! Move on damn it, I'm gonna turn this podcast around/
  • Fuck Alex
    • Kate "I wanted too."
  • I would want to fuck David Bowie. Can I fuck Ruger Hauer?
  • Don't talk down to me like I didn't eat out of a sweaty asshole.
  • Homosexual couples on TV have perfect lives.
  • (Poison) I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her real bad."
    • Le "I want to fuck ArmorKing."
  • If you wake up with a bad mood you should go back to sleep.
    • Kate "if you wake up feeling like P.Diddy brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack.
    • Mitch "What are you me?
    • Kate "yes I guess I'm a weeaboos. I'll kill myself.
    • Matt "Lets all thank Yeezus."


  • I'm Mitch aforextreme
    • Matt "Egghhh"
  • I'm disappointed with the 1999 mode. (Again cback)
    • Matt You argued this 3 times already.
  • Suda51 is the Tarantino of games.
  • Even if a suda51 game is spoiled you still have no idea.
  • Can I mess around in your pants Kate?
    • Kate "You might not like what you find?
    • Mitch Why?"
    • Kate "Do you like dick?"
    • MItch "Yeah, I'm all about the dick."
    • Kate "Well this is not a podcast."
  • Have you ever sat down on a pyramid?

Le Tran

  • There's a lot of dumb ass stuff like the rape monkey.

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