RA 112

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Length: 2:08:02

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch


Intro: Every single advertisement for podcasts in 15 seconds,, audible, Legal Zoom, $ Shave Club

Closing Song - Notorious BIG Juicy mashup something 80's retro new age electro

Content Covered

  • Fritz the Cat Nine Lives
  • sitcom ideas
  • Online dating
  • Keanu Reeves man of Tai-Chi
  • Results of piss Matt off contest

Notable Facts

  • Playing football is parents having sex
  • Mitch can't beat Pokemon X Y getting old (1st of many callbacks)
  • Chris Ott joke of shitty internet and being short.

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • We're here we're queer."
    • Matt "We're here we're queer."
    • Mitch "We're here we're fags."
    • Matt "THAT DOESN'T RHYME!"
    • Mr. Mitchell man. Mitchellin Man. Having sex, Mitch parents having sex.
  • We have a show to do.
    • Matt "Do we?"
    • Alex "Someone is leaving."
    • Matt "Good."
  • PC Gamer Elitest and PC podcast.
  • 2 Guys 2 Jobs, who a roommates and each one is each others boss at the other job.
    • Matt "What a horrible state of life."
    • Alex "Seth McFarlene and egoraptor for casting.
    • Matt "Seth does that one voice, egoraptor does that one face."
    • Matt "Do you know how popular that show would be?
  • I disagree everyone ruined Game Grumps.
  • I'm not going to wash my penis for a month and put it in your mouth Mitch.
  • This show is too offensive, so we should stop listening.
  • Fritz the Cat, a black guy composed the music so it's not racist.
  • Watched the sequel Nine Lives on netflix and not the original
  • One step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break. (Mitchback)
  • Soylent Green is people.
  • If you parent's name a kid fay guy from Smashmouth his future is already set.
    • Kate "Hey Mouth family."
  • Smashmouth is not a fighting band.
  • I have a something tough to announce. A lot of shit has been going on.
    • Kate "You're gay."
    • Alex "This is serious I don't want you to get mad at me."
    • Kate "We won't get mad if you're gay."
    • Alex "But you might get Matt if I'm gay."
    • Matt "We enjoy diversity on this podcast if you're straight."
      • Mitch "White"
      • Kate "Cynical."
    • Alex Guys I got a Wii U.
    • Matt "I'm the only one here not with a Wii U.
    • Kate "That's it, get off the cast.
    • Alex I didn't want to be like Maxi-B with the PS4 gaemboner!"
  • You're among friends and we love you.
    • Matt "No!"
    • Kate "Brownies."
    • Alex "That's racist."


  • The last time we had a guest we talked about animal cocks when he left.
    • Alex "No we talked about animal cocks when he was on."(CORRECT ALEX)
  • Straight men are...
    • Matt "The nations problem."
  • Wh don't you go on craigslist and find a stranger to sodomize you Friday night?
  • Why don't you suck my anus?
    • Alex "Cause we're having fun."
  • 4-H cookies are bad. Taste like farm and honest work.
  • I have a 6th sense of Mitch jokes. I think of it and go nah.
  • I like vaginas, chim chimney
    • Matt "I love sweeping chim chim vaginas."


  • Did you know the richest man is a Mexican?
    • Alex "Did you know the most Mexican guy is an Israeli?
  • The only reaso you know that song is its in an animu.
  • I'm Matt Flabslapper Racist.
  • Matt's sitcom idea
    • All of the guys roommates are former ex-girlfriends. Both sad and hilarious. Like my life. It's kinda happening.
  • (Mitch) Everything you do is bad.
  • Don't go to bars, go outside. If you don't go to a bar, Don't online date Mitch you'll find bad stuff.
  • Someone like me turning a girl down? That's gotta hurt.
  • Usually Keanu Reeves plays a box.
    • Mitch "I loved him in Metal Gear."
  • They speak Mandarin so Chinekenese.
  • Keanu moves pretty well for a rod in his ass.
    • Kate "Take it from me, its not easy."
  • Christ you are giving me a stomachache.
  • It's sometime time, sometimes pizza, sometimes pizzatime. What the fuck?
  • Stop going to make Chungus happen.
  • There was too many white people and dialogue in The Last of Us 6/10
  • PAGS Nintendo is better than the PC.
  • Mitch looks and sound like Michael Cera and his life is just as depressing
  • BroPan "contest" That made me mad.
  • Actual fart*
    • Alex "Goddamn it."
  • You guys are making me gassy.
  • Phil Spector the guy that made Deus Ex?
    • Kate "Warren Spector."
  • I'm leaving the show. I mean Tony left.


  • I'm imagining you playing Mario Kart.
    • Alex "While jerking off?
    • Kate "catfood catfood."

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