RA 113

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Length: 2:43:00

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: Sean Baptiste of FireHose games, formerly of Harmonix

Intro: Local news report of no kid is safe with the 3DS streetpass

Closing Song Still D.R.E. mashup with 80's electro

Content Covered

  • Let's Quip
  • game blisters and Mario Party
  • Questions for an Indie
    • Game developers view on PR and press?
    • Stupid review you ever seen or heard?
      • Sean Dan Hsu hated Mass Effect 1, never figured how to level up near the end of the game.
    • Have you been a member of the Communist party? Yes
    • Googled your name what black guy are you? 
    • Something you wanted in a game but had to cut out?
    • How made are you at Guitar Hero for killing the music game genre?
    • Being a small studio how do you decide what to work on?

Notable Facts

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • No child is safe. Hoardes of pedophiles and murderers use Streetpass.
  • Nintendo created Mario and Pac Man. Responsible for both Pearl Harbor and Columbine.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.
    • Sean "Not as sorry as me."
  • I read homework of the slave trade homework at the airport. The lady responded with the pun Won't fly?
  • I liked something once. It was horrible.
  • This small franchise Mortal Kombat.
  • Every single day I sing a song for myself and then I get them stuck in my head.
  • If you injured yourself with analingus let us know.
  • You know what you would like?
    • Matt "PENIS"
  • So fuckface, Hunger Games and Catching Fire. 
  • I saw the sequel to Battle Royale. It is really bad. It's like an Americn bought it and made a anti-terrorist movie. More War movie than Battle Royale.
  • It's a test your might game where you try not to kiss each other.
  • Go Home Dynamo. This is free publicity.
  • We need more people on this show.
    • Kate "So we can ruin their lives, careers, and families.


  • I hurt my hand when I was learning to masturbate.


  • The best way of 2 hours of work in a 8 hour day.
  • They're singing about anal.
  • Vocaloid? Hatsune Miku can dance on your pizza.
  • Let me get someone who says I'm good with my fingers.
  • That guy called you a jigsaw? He can go fuck himself.
    • Alex "Your Batman shouldn't fast travel."


  • Sometimes I wish my professor would have an assignment where I can hand it a tweet instead of an esay of 1 sentence repeated 20 times.
  • Harmonix did it for the art.Activision was high on coke.
  • I just want to put my dick in her football head.
  • You sound like a hermaphrodite redneck
    • Kate "Leave my people alone."
  • Why don't you fuck me? (callback)
    • Kate "No."
  • This guy as a mongoloid face.
    • Kate "retard or Asian?"
    • Mitch - Both
  • Have you seen your butt without a mirror?


  • Let's Quip possibly the best game ever created."
    • Alex "God damn it."
  • Candy Witness Saga. Get so big lawyers want to trademark it, and I tell them to fuck themselves.

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