RA 115

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Length: 2:58:09

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch


Intro Matt recreated success of TDar with Silent Hill 2 piano, farts, booing kids, and diarrhea

Content Covered

  • Tower of Guns developer interviewed
  • Mitch kills deer with his car.
  • Stupid argument Typing of the Dead
  • Kalamari pork bung?
  • Silverado 1985 cowboy movie

Notable Facts

  • Matt callback glitch of guy that loves dogs then kills them Oblivion not Skyrim unless it happened again

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Element 115 Bro
  • (Mitch) Driving to the farm convention.
  • At the mall there was a woman's gym called Pumps, and Dick's Sporting Goods so at the map it said Pumps Dicks for 2.5 years.
    • Matt - Did they?
  • They would draw on rocks and then throw them down the hill.
  • It's pulled out anus chopped into rings and deep fried.
  • You're all wrong I built a science museum around myself.
  • For the love of my own fuck.
  • Before you go Bingo oh Bazango on me I broke into the Harrisburg Science Museum.


  • Faggot
  • I find it hard that you drive.
  • (Don't Come) RE4 but also House of the Dead 2
  • Remember the fucking faggot Adam Orth of Xbox One Deal with it?
    • Matt - Did he die?
    • Kate - No he had a speech at GDC
    • Alex Matt - Ohhhhhhh
    • Mitch - That man is a cis white male
    • Alex I want a booth at PAX and it says the internet is mean.
    • Matt He fucked up bad like the (PAX East 2012) controller guys.
    • Kate There's a better way to go about it than shrug and say suck a dick get fucked.
  • Dan Amrich was like lick my taint and I don't care what I have to say.
    • Alex - I bet if we ask Dan Amrich to lick my taint he will.
    • Kate - As Santa.
    • Mitch - Now it will be an inside joke.
    • Kate - No it won't.
  • Dave looks like the guy waving a tallywacker in the gym showers but isn't,
  • This podcast is about pig bung.
  • You ate pig butt what do you mean you don't like Westerns?


  • There is 2 types of problems. First world white problems and problems out of your control
  • You shouldn't feel bad that you killed a deer. There is too many.
    • Kate 'They're stupid and mean.
  • You shouldn't feel bad if you killed a human. There is too many.
    • Kate - They're stupid and mean.
  • So when do you and the deer have a day in court?
  • It's a set up. The dead deer was already thrown in front of your vehicle.
  • The kicker is the deer was the husband.
  • If we go further back, blackface mammy.
  • (Mitch) That's exactly what I said. Fuck You
    • Alex - Exactly. Fuck You
  • Are you ready for dick?
    • Kate "Yes."
    • Matt - Let's Go.
  • PAX, those guys are money grubbing fucks.
  • It would have been better if that guy was a woman or a minority.
  • I have 2 friends
    • Kate - Wow you made it, that is 2 friends more than me.
  • Jeff Goldblum wasn't the cowboy.
    • Kate - He was the horse.
  • There's Dumpy, Grumpy, Happy, Lumpy, and Bungy.
    • Alex - Where's your son? He killed himself.
  • Today I stopped myself. The end.
  • Throw some mung in that bung and you got a Mung sandwich.
    • Alex - It's a real good Philly Bung & Mung.
    • Kate - Am I part of reality?
    • Alex - Please stop putting bung in it.
    • Mitch - Bunggate
    • Kate - Bunging Bad
    • Matt - Bung Racer
    • Mitch - It's Bunging Time
    • Matt - What type of dinosaur would Bung be?
    • Mitch - Samurai Bung Cats
    • Kate - Bung is the loneliest number.
    • Alex - I got Mitch a bung bung.
    • Kate - Donky Kong Bungle Beat
    • Matt - I'm imagining someone playing Bungos, Bongos are 2 prolapsed assholes.
    • Kate - You're not Alex Mitch.
    • Alex - I like Kate except when she speaks. Stop talking like you broke up with me.
    • Kate - You didn't break up with me, you broked up with Bung
    • Mitch - Bungzinga.


  • I'm not an anime guy.
    • Alex - You're animo.
  • I wanted to piss on that deer.
  • I heard 2 gunshots, the deer was still breathing. The third bullet was in the brain and still breathing. I met the only immortal deer in Pennsylvania.
  • I was in the cockpit of the car.
    • Alex - You flew and hit the stars that were deer.
  • Fuck school let's go to Sam Goody.
  • One of these weeks I'll kill myself. I'l do it.
    • Mad Matt - At this point I want you to do it so you will fucking stop talking about it.
    • Alex - Some day we will talk about the origins of Mitch's dad.
  • I bought Clayfighter just for the song.
  • Hurricane Simulator 06 (Katrina was 05)
  • David let's get a scorpion bung bowl.

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