RA 118

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Length: 1:56:18

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch


Intro: Big Bob Fuckin BBQ Mansion

Closing Song- Sounds like an animo

Content Covered

  • Metal Gear Revengence 200% mad
  • Chris Ott's story of What's in Kate's butt? 1:15:30


  • Shittest listener at PAX?
  • Regret not going to PAX?
  • If Mitch was in porn what would it be called?

Notable Facts

  • Kate Mitch Bisexual 24 callback
  • vendor tried to sell HAZE to chris ott for $9.99

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Pewdiepie huge faggot. I hate him more than Game Grumps.
  • Their fans are retarded and 12.
    • Matt - At least our fans are 16.
    • Matt - His fans can legally have sex in Thailand.
  • I'm annoyed that 1/2 of my twitch friends post in streams that don't work.
  • You and your Crash-40 faggot buttrock.
  • If you are a faggot and you want to buy extra costumes you should be gouged.
  • I would laugh at you for buying a Nintendo for Sonic because that doesn't compute.
  • (Cback) The dark fandom of Sonic.
    • Matt - All of it.
  • (Mitch) I know you fuck midget.
  • I tried to explain the brown ones weren't skittles but old M&Ms. Shot fart skittle killed the lone kid dissenter.
  • Hey Chris we need listener questions? Catfood
  • Your nipples will be hard as diamonds.
  • If you were a tranny Mitch you would rule us.
  • Did you think your online name would be your real name?
    • Matt - No but it might as well be my real name at this point.
    • Kate - First name Flabslapper. Last name Dotcom.


  • Are you 200% mad? Even if you play Metal Gear you won't understand.
  • Crush 40 reminds me of oranges.
  • They drive around catfood.
  • It's good to know the videogame industry knows that the fans are fucktards.
  • Tranistory ports no reason for next gen consoles for these people.
  • I don't play Kingdom Hearts for the Final Fantasy characters.
  • What if Bayonetta 2 on Wii U never comes out?
  • Chicks with dicks the best of both worlds. That's all I want.
    • Kate - Well..................
  • I got news for you, none of us should be happy and we do a podcast to punish ourselves.
  • Organtaun, so a Rapeatan. A cute anime girl version of rape
    • Kate - I don't like this podcast anymore.
  • Jew Jew  Jo Jo Jabroni Adventure
  • Jam on Jabroni Jew Sauve is fucking awesome.
  • Hulk Hogan throws a watermelon at a black guy and there's a midget in a cage.
  • I don't brace for impact,  I hit all at once.
    • Kate - Rifled butthole
  • I was right.
    • Kate - What is this new sensation?
    • Mitch - Shut your stupid mouth gay faggot.
  • Alex you went to PAX you fuck.
  • Are you mad that Canada doesn't have animu?
  • Shittest listener at PAX? I have to go with TURbo.
  • I'm not saying I will not jerk off to Zero Suit Samus, I'm just saying in just weird.
  • Rosalina is hotter. I'm saying this because I already came.
  • I will not care for Nintendo ever again until I get Captain Rainbow.


  • catfood.
  • You can't be hot and be a woman.
    • Kate - I'm ugly so I understand.
  • Fuck my faggot face.
  • Mitch King of the Trannies.
    • Kate _ Will you be bottom?
    • Mitch - No
    • Kate - Yes
    • Mitch - no
  • I can't wait until I am 45 and turn Japanese.
  • Cakefarts
  • FutaDream
  • I bought the Taco Bell breakfast to punish myself.
  • Tingle is the best character because he has slave labor.

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