RA 120

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Length: 2:14:54

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch

Guests: Steve 

Intro Matt cheers with Bioshock Infinite bad, Uncharted Overrated

Content Covered

  • Windows 95

Notable Facts

  • Mitch saw Superbad with dad
  • What is now your definition of the hardcore gamer? How has it changed over time?
    • Alex cback and further clarification on Viva Pinata
  • Le Tran the coolest airline?
  • All hosts in Mega Man what power would Mega Man get?
  • Describe yourself being influenced by 2 people?
  • Favorite Random Assault intro?
  • Steve - What got you together?

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Slabflapper's mom is mother brain.
  • Mrs. Mitch
  • I have a coworker Matthew Mitchell
  • Steve welcome to our fuckfest.
  • My taint is bleeding. I want my tits to breathe again.
  • Now that's what I call Spring Break uncensored tits.
  • Google Hangout is an open asshole.
  • Remember Snood and Hamster dance?
  • EuroPop that sucks. Girl sings then guy raps?
    • Steve - I call it goodcop badcop music.
  • When member of S-Club 7 do you masturbate to?
    • Steve - All of them.
    • Kate - Now they are  S-Club 3.
    • Mitch - They're losing members like our podcast?
  • Sonic Schoolhouse
    • Mitch "That's not the same thing.
    • Alex - Yes it is..
  • Tokyo Ghetto Pussy lead singer Shigeru Miaymoto.
  • I rapped Coolio being 9 years old with grandma.
  • Kevin Bacon had sex with a watermelon?
  • Cat penis being barbed, I saw it coming (Mitch)
  • Blink 182 fan 13 miles.
    • Steve - You told me differently.
    • Alex My dad fucked me from behind
  • AntiPal you will not be a Maxi-B
  • I love it but I'm bias. I hate black people.
    • Kate - I keep them in my dungeons.
    • Mitch - You sound like my mom.
  • The Chris Ott special. One of our best fans.
  • Le Tran looks like having the time of his life, or just woke up from having the time of his life.
    • Mitch - He's the human version of Poochie.
  • We knew it would be the 4 of us. (Nickroll)
  • As catfood as it is, real story. All real. Everyone real. Everyone is a real.
  • Wow these people want people on the show so they can talk over them.


  • I'm so quiet I'm comtemplating suicide.
  • Takes me back to RA 8, no this podcast is not about One Piece. Catfood
  • It's fun having a fan to poop in
    • Alex - This is our show.
  • Why do you have to be so hostile? Oh it's a show on the internet.


  • To our fans we are just sound waves.
  • A fat dude with autism.
  • Excited for Mario Kart 8.
  • Ask Matt or BroPan on jabroni.
  • Jo Jo bizarre adventure game sucks. (1st ref of animo in this episode 51:10)
    • Alex  So it's a facebook game.
    • Steve - So did EA make it?
    • Mitch - No it was Namco.
  • Famitsu only gave out 22 40/40's and this is one of them.
  • Fanime is real. 
  • (What power would Mega Man get from you?) Autism


  • I met Alex when we were sperm.
    • Alex -We were sperm in the 9th grade.
    • Steve - All we tried to do was find the egg.
  •  As one of Alex's best friends, I didn't listen to the show a lot
  • The pope gone to prison. Steve Pope filmed Girls Gone Wild.
  • I saw a car with the bumper sticker "4 doors = More Whores" and a 90 year old man came out. It was his grandson's car.
  • I'm more of a PC Gamer
    • Alex - PC gamers never need to deal with microtransactions.

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