RA 122

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Length: 1:58:47

Hosts:  Kate Matt Mitch


Intro: Matt- MovieBob The Escapist sponsored. Like popular web critics.

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Content Covered:

  • Chris Ott gave Matt Give free stuff from Nintendo. 1989
  • Aquariums and aquatic animals shitting
  • Matt give away digital copy of Django Unchained.
  • Kate went to a Vancouver game store.
  • Burial at Sea
  • Attack on Titan
  • Mitch beat Doom 1 loved it


  • How many hours a week do you play videogames?
  • Do you play violent videogames?
  • At what age did you start playing violent videogames?
  • Do you think young people are influenced by violent videogames?
  • Why do videogame companies try?
  • Why do women hate videogames?
  • Game software complete for videogame?
  • Will quitting videogames improved my life? long?
  • Why do TV hate videogames?
  • Do videogames make you mature?
  • Does videogames give me machismo?
  • Where are videogames made beside China?
  • Parents why you hate games?
  • What was the first videogame invented?
  • Videogame, what's the best videogame?
  • I'm 17 I want to be in videogame industry?
  • How are Nintendo games different than other games?
  • How do I become a videogame?
  • Why are videogames condemned?
  • Did you go on the Tower of Terror?

Notable Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • I wish I had all the chocolate nuts in the world.
  • I went to a Vancouver game store. Looks like a gaming mecca. Then I looked closer and it was a fucking piece of shit. NES Duck Hunt, Tetris, Golf, Duck Hunt, Tetris, Golf.
  • Super Mario 64 $40 bullshit. FFXII $50 Are you kidding me, it the greatest hits collection.
  • Vancouver is like any West Coast North American city, fucking Asians everywhere.
  • Asians have no souls. 
  • I made some ching chong ping pong jokes and Asians looked like they wanted to kill me.
  • I went to an aquarium. I saw a dolphin take a shit.
  • There is Southern people so opposite of black people.
  • I feel smart because I heard that word in an anime.
  • Asians pronoucing Beluga, they didn't know when to stop.
  • AIDS
  • Lootcrate the 1990s they send you pogs.
  • I'm fat.
  • At one time I answered yahoo questions because those people needed help.
  • Who would do that?
    • Matt - Monster's I mean Jews.
    • Matt - Control F Jew
    • Mitch He's a poor man's Jew.
    • Matt - So no gold in his nose.
  • Oh my it's Turbo's mom in a sombrero. We love you TURbo.
  • 100% Nig.


  • I smashed my Dragon Warrior with a sledgehammer.
  • Go see Godzilla you piece of shit.
  • I want to slug David in the mouth. Coughman is a guy I want to punch but he makes me laugh.
  • When I watched that movie I didn't get it. Wear a condom.
  • Irish live in Chinatown. Asians live in subways.
  • Doom (Mitch) You were the demon.
  • I'm gonna touch the screen with my pee pee.
  • I don't take a shit inside my pants but outside them.
  • You know tails wants that Sonic cock.
  • They weren't turned into robots. They're dead.
  • I can fuck that robotic ass all day and she won't feel it inside.
  • Mitch are you dead? No? Get to work on that banner.


  • Tony moved to Florida.
  • Chris Ott is literally are best friend.
  • Holy fuck, I'm living in Anime.
  • Gay people are weird.
  • Mr. Robotnik voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Bioshock in space callback
  • How much happiness can you hold in your hand?
    • Kate - Depends on how big the dick is
  • Turbo smoked 200% weed.
  • Alex my back is sore boners for days.
  • We got twitter, facebook, okcupid.

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