RA 123-0

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Length: 1:58:06

Hosts:  Kate Matt Mitch


Intro: 10 year old Alex Cabral reading 50 Shades of Gray

Closing Song: Fly me to the moon chiptunes

Content Covered:

  • Emperors New Groove
  • Disney movies in the 2000's
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Matt hates Red Dead Redemption can't get pass Snake Oil salesman
  • Matt had no idea he could use weapons. Double stupid.
  • Westerns


  • Do you think music influenced videogames?
  • Why u fraid?
  • Where is slabflapper?
  • What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Mitch - Chocolate milk.
  • What is your favorite historical events?
  • What drive you to make a trainwreck of a show?

Notable Facts:

  • 3:15 in Mitch mentions anime

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Mitch Roze tar, this is Kate Really.
  • Fantasia 2000, 60 years between a sequel shut up Star Wars fans.
  • Turbo is shaking in fear.
  • Home on the Range is lowest of lows.
  • (Mitch) I don't like you.
  • Halloween, this is a Western.
    • Matt John Carpenter is insane.
  • I like 310 to Yuma Starring Batman and Gladiator.
  • Star Wars = WWII which is why Jake is a fag.
  • 9/11 is my favorite.
  • (TURbo) I looked up the wiki, why the hell did I say that?
    • Mitch - It's so hard to not edit his lines. Why don't you fucking die?"


  • Rape monkey is the best monkey.
  • Speaking of Kurt Russell I saw Backdraft. Not good.
  • Oh a freemium game that is basically demo only.
  • Fuck Ubisoft forever in the ass. Basically the game you hack the planet.
  • Fuck this podcast I'm gonna get a dozen sausages.
  • Catfood. Oliver ate catfood.
  • I beat Castlevania III at 19
    • Mitch - On a emulator with a save state.
  • I learned that rape is okay if she likes it. That use to be romance.
    • Kate It's not rape because she liked it and its Clark Gable.
  • No one wanted to smash the patriarchy.
    • Kate - They wanted to roger it.
  • If it's a town its a Western. If people are talking to people its a western.
  • The only reason I'm alive is because of my inner hatred.
  • If I find true love I will drop dead. My girlfriend is crying, now I will stay alive through tears.
  • (MovieBob) I wouldn't put it past that fat fuck.
  • For instance Jake loves WWII because he felt like Germany did nothing wrong and the Holocaust should have went on until it was finished. Hitler should have finished the job.
  • (Canadians) You don't have a history.


  • Could you imagine Skrillex conducting an orchestra?
    • Matt - Is this before he knocked himself out with stage lights.
  • (Matt) Sounds like you are bad with videogames.
  • I beat that game the first time.
    • Matt - Good for you asshole.
  • Fucking horseshoes, that shit is impossible.
  • It's the old west. No rules.
  • The sound of your soul leaving your body is funny.
    • Matt  - That happened to me a long time ago.

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