RA 124

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Length: 2:30:13

Hosts:  Alex Matt Mitch

Guest: Duke of Duwang


Closing Song: Everything is Awesome

Content Covered:

  • Legos
  • Legos movie
  • lego games
  • callback to howard the duck in the lego super marvel game

Notable Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Yai yo Yai yo Legos.
  • You are really turning into Matt.
  • How dare you talk about the Lego sets in the Lego episode.
  • I wanted to go to the Lego discovery center but you need to bring a kid.
    • Matt - You're supposed to touch the kids!
    • Matt - I have a better idea you go with someone older.  When they ask your age, shit your pants.
  • Legos been important to everyones life except Kate, and that's great.



  • I don't spread my gifs on bread.
  • I had a POG maker and made Pogs with the Lego magazine.
    • Alex - That sums you up as a person.
    • Duke - We know what will be his gravestone.
  • POGS Mausolem, makes pogs from your corpse.
  • LEGOS its fun for all ages.
    • Alex "6 and up."
  • When did you make your legos fuck? I did that once or twice.
    • Alex - Check the banners 1/2 of them are having sex.
  • Lego had a lot of fingers in a lot of different pies.
  • There was a Simpsons Tony Hawk
  • Minecraft is legos.
  • Fuck him right in the pussy.
  • The power to eat shit.


  • A for Brickstream Rozetar
  • Are you being cyberbullied?
    • Duke - Are you being cybersexed?
  • When I got the ice Bionicle it didn't turn white at first.
    • Duke - He tried to fuck that one guy?
    • Alex - Mr. Bionicle?


  • I want to get a job.
    • Matt - Hate to be the bearer of bad news you have to have an interview.
  • I want to talk about Beserk.
  • Matt was drinking while his father played Legos.
    • Matt - Oh dad, why you be suck a dickhead (sausage voice)
  • Lego my butt and hold it.
  • No one would fuck with you.
    • Alex - Yes no one would fuck with you.