RA 127

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Length: 2:21:28

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: Trevor Stricker from DiscoPixel maker of Jungle Rumble

Intro: Alex having a hard time cause his dad is in the hospital but hard for Flabslapper to show sympathy.

Closing Song - Nelly Hot in Herre + Anime something?

Content Covered:

  • Disco Pixel Trevor Stricker
  • Questions How come NBA2k never teamed up with Space Jam?
  • The Year 2016 fan fiction
  • TURbo PAX East 2014 story

Notable Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • It seems a new banner comes out everyday.
  • It's just the push button button. I don't have to push a button. I have a button to push a button.
  • We need to introduce ourselves.
  • Wall Street the worst game I ever played.
  • Let's talk about porn.
  • (The Year 2016) That is fucking incredible
  • (TURbo) He handed me an envelope with a RA sticker for a RA fund.
    • Matt - It was snakes in a peanut can.
    • Mitch It was used condoms
    • Alex - No it was peanut butter with real snakes.
    • Matt - Oh no!
  • There was a $20 dude, donated $20 to the show? I see a $10, $30? Then I see another $20. Dude $50? fucking dollars?
    • Matt - How deep was this envelope?
    • Alex - $150
    • Mitch - JESUS CHRIST
    • Matt - It was Turbo's dying wish.
    • Mitch - We're going to light it up
    • Matt - We're gonna light our cigars because we've been making money the whole time.
    • Mitch - We teamed up with CyberKong in the early days and tricked ya'll.
    • Matt - We are actually CyberKong.
    • Alex - Suprise We are vidjagame apocalypse.
    • Matt - Suprise we are money
    • Mitch - We're BCubed
    • Alex - We can hire a Hitman to kill TURbo.
  • You've gone so far yet nowhere since 2011. 
  • You suck worse than Drew.
    • Mitch - No!
  • I feel like (homeless) he would have bit me and made me do drugs.
  • Go home Dynamo (cback)


  • I'm pretty sure its me (600lb Canadian woman)
  • Sometimes I'm nice, believe it or not.
  • This podcast will be replaced by a gay porn soundtrack
    • Matt - I can do that. It's set in the 80's and its a better Drive than Drive.
  • Mitch I love you but,
    • Alex - You're the little engine that couldn't be more fucking annoying.
  • One time I shit under my bed but I already told that story.


  • I do nothing for the show. Things just happen.
  • Mortal Kombat is just 2 guys punching each other.
  • One time I posted porn on facebook to get people in trouble.
  • Everyone in my apartment is dead except me because of the gay porn.
  • Dinosaur BBQ adventure.
  • Yeah I'm Matt.
  • How much money did you pay Alex to give you a 4/5?
  • I hate videogames
    • Mitch - Never a truer statement spoken.
  • I don't feel comfortable helping people on this podcast.
  • I need glasses because I'm going blind.
  • This is a story.
    • Mitch Nigga what?
  • Flabslapper was very cynical but his biggest obstacle was he was the most inarticulate person the world has ever known.
  • They sold out like Hitler in the 30's.
  • JonTron was decapitated from a rollercoaster accident.
  • All the 11 year olds loved Mitch
    • Mitch And I loved them all.
  • Have you picked the date you panzy homo?
    • Alex What?
  • Getting married to Mitch.


  • I have a button o push which brings up a voice activated computer that pushes the button for me.
  • (Jungle Rumble callback)
  • You can steak my identity and probably do a better job with it.
  • How soon of Matt yelling into the ether?
  • I talk over everyone else.
  • Are there bums in Boston? Pretty sure we can find some shit.
    • Alex - When you're a shithead its softer than usual.
  • Axe that shit works for me.
    • Matt - Aren't you afraid of drowning in all that pussy?
  • Did the Big Bad Wolf blow you away?
    • Matt - I'm gonna fucking kill you if you don't let me finish a sentence.

Trevor Stricker 

  • If you leave work early to talk to me your life isn't illustrious.
    • ​Mitch - You and your $5 words.
    • Trevor - Potent
    • Matt - Still too many.
    • Alex - Important lexicon
    • Matt - Penis
  • I worked on NBA 2K
    • ​Matt - You made that game by yourself?
  • I was a stock market guy.
    • ​Matt - Jesus Christ you are old.
  • This isn't what a professional makes but Orlando is cheap.
  • You seem like a real videogame company because you made Clayfighter.
  • Honestly throw me a bone I'll build a dinosaur.
  • Nowadays Ubisoft has 8 studios and they still can't make a great game.
  • I want a spastic game where you bang on shit.
  • Chimpanzees are apes not monkeys.
  • Indie Industrial Complex.

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