RA 140

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Length: 3:47:42

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch

Guests: Lucas TMK

Intro: Space Jam RA Theme mash up

Closing Song:

Content Covered

  • Mortal Kombat

Notable Facts

  • 2nd episode appearance of TMK
  • 3rd counting Minor Assault on Mortal Kombat
  • Le Tran called gay. What for I don't know
  • RA Wiki plug 2 year anniversary to when podacst was recorded.

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Games aren't allowed in Australia.
  • When Benjamin Button kills a baby its art. When I do it, it's weird.
  • You don't kill enough babies in videogames.
  • Didney Infinity 2.0!
  • 9/11 is when all the Smash leaks came out.
    • Matt - It's terrible for all the people that went through it.
  • There's that 1 anime guy responsible for drawing all the anime.
  • You can't jerk off to her.
    • Matt - That's because she's not me.
  • He plugged your USB dick in the Wiki.
  • Were Hateboyz.


  • You know when I became a monster, I looked myself in a mirror. You're awesome and you're gonna die.
  • Your slower music and slower and slower Sonic.
    • Alex - You know what they say in Australia, gotta go fast.
  • We just need to hustle as hard as we hate.
  • I don't give a damn that people make more than me. (He really does)
  • I got the apartment all to myself. I can be a bachelor again. You know what  I did? I moved furniture around.
  • It's an American thing to stick your nose in other peoples business and pretend to help them, and complaining for them. I don't know who's complaining.
    • Mitch - America's tumblr.
  • My cat gave up. I had a laser pointer now and she's just getting her paws up.


  • I wanted Max Carnage for a name of a kid. Kori said no. She wants the name Odin.
  • I liked that I called him a chode and he was polite about it.
  • Fuck you my uncle married Nintendo.


  • I wrote the Prime Minister of Australia since 2004 about the games.
  • Gay porn pretty fucked up.
    • Matt - I did it at night. I wasn't expecting someone on the other side of the world looking at a phone on the bus
  • A gay man does not please me
    • Matt - It does me.
  • Faget. Faggot is no longer it terms of being gay.
    • Alex - Gays you can't have that word anymore.
    • Matt - Fairy, flaming, there are so many words. I like how we did the same joke and we're all getting in trouble.
    • Alex - At least are gay listeners have a since of humor.
    • Matt - Le Tran?
  • 4 Turtles jumping out of a burning building doesn't make me think of 9/11.
    • Alex - You're saying a giant mutant turtle can't be a terrorist?
  • I'm not racist, you don't want to be associated with bikers in Australia.
  • Have you seen the new Assassins Creed game?
    • Alex - I don't care about the last 3.
  • Fuck you Warner Brothers of Australia.

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