RA 146

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Length: 3:16:17

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: James Frey , Brett from Glass Knuckle Games and Neil Lorenza from Bacon Thief


Content Covered

  • Mitch loves Big Hero Six
  • Matt loves John Wick

Notable Facts

Evanagelion first anime mentioned

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Welcome to the show. 90's is in the future when you live in the 80's while being in the 2 10's.
  • Murdering your friends.
    • Matt - Only caught if you're doing int wrong.
  • Green Thief representing Green Peace.
  • Kate why are you quiet?
    • Kate - I just want to watch the trainwreck.
  • Mela gave me a 5 hour energy with Vodka.
  • I had an RA intro idea where we visit Canada to meet Kate. It was too long. There was a Canuck Guard name Cannador. Mountie Canadan.
  • Drone Boning
    • Kate - Unless a missle strike it won't get me off.
  • Bus driver is having a rice party.
  • No I masturbate into childrens public pools.
  • Newbury Comics sucks. I asked the cashier how much for the Happy Fucking Birthday bag. I got kicked out and I never went back.
  • In the show tell us if you like an hour.
  • David Attenborugh has a voice I want to fuck to.
  • Kingdom Heats and TDar Bullshit.
    • Matt - Sounds like Gamergate.


  • I have never been more glad that I don't listen to our own show.
  • I'm a failure. I love Anime.
    • Alex - Fuck you Mitch 
  • Fuck you and that's why I don't go to cons.
  • I had some misexperiments with Crisco I won't mention on the podcast.
  • What porn are you talking about?
    • Alex - Bacon Porn. 
  • Some fuckass made bacon gum
    • Matt - You took my joke!
  • You want your asshole to smell like bacon?
  • Put on so much axe spray he died.
  • That communist pussy Mitch.
    • Matt - Truly mistakes against Nature.
  • I want to tell a horrible story about my life.
    • Matt - Is it about Gamergate?
    • Kate - No
    • Matt - Thank Christ.
  • I see Mexican people skipped two borders and they don't know the difference between sandwich and combo deal. I finally get my food. It's fucking cold. I eat it anyway cause I don't give a shit. I don't care anymore. I don't want live. I run to the bus stop and I see it pull away. Holy fuck I'm mad. Graffiti on the bench Sadboys 2K14. Absolutely 100% Dead Fucking serious. I almost screamed.
    • Alex - If Sadboys2K14 gets bigger than Random Assault, I'm poisoning your tap water. 
  • Sega is Nintendo's bitch. We need Seaman in smash.


  • Your excitement and happiness will pass once we open are mouths.
  • Pewdiepie I fucking hate that guy.
    • (Guest) It's a goofy guy in the room.
  • I want an eye injury so I can wear an eye patch and that would be rad.
    • Alex - You don't need a eye injury.
    • Matt - I use to roll in a wheelchair and I was called an asshole.
  • I'm fucking 30!
  • I know you can't share new games but can you tell about new games in the pipeline?
    • Kate - Subway?
    • Matt - Jared Fogle that fat skinny fuck.
    • Guest He makes the foot long games for $5.
  • Vegetarian table always looks sad.
    • Kate - I use to like Spam, and then I was poor and had to eat it all the time. It's like eating the packet in Ramen.
    • Alex - Callback to eating 8000 g of sodium in Ramen.
  • I was raised a vegetarian and when I left the house it was all the bacon pizza.
  • We would have got Dan Amrich but he is not allowed on the show. 
  • I trim my balls. It's like a Bonzai.
  • Sounds like my genitals.
  • So much axe sprat they had to evacuate the school. Why? Because he was drowning in soo much pussy.
  • I don't hate everything. I want to see Big Hero Sex.
  • My dad said my original mom was fertilzing the lawn. He used the woodchipper.
    • Alex - I've been searching three years for my ex girlfriend murderer. No one will do it.
  • What?
    • Kate - Just don't be a faggot. Hot Topic is full of faggotry.
  • Jeez fucking Mitch who hates everything.
  • Majora's Mask my most favorite 3D Zelda.
  • Mitch why would you assume anything is real on tumblr?
  • Fucking talk if you have something to say.
    • Alex - No
    • Matt - GOOD. Speaking of anime. kidding.
  • I hate the gays, but I hate the accent that is subtitled.
  • Sonic is suppose to be a fucking jerkoff. 
  • I was trying to convince Christina that Tails was a girl.
    • Alex - They call me fagmo.
  • I just need to find the episodes Tony didn't speak.


  • I eat garbage and I'm 140.
    • Matt - Now we're all dead.
  • Denny Tumblr is fucking insane.
    • Alex - I went to Denny's every Monday and never not got sick again. I was nicknamed Monday night.
    • Neil - I don't know if that is awesome or really sad.
  • You know Skate.
    • Matt - No one knows.
  • My sister likes the smell of axe and I said you like the smell of date rape (He later raped his sister to teach her a lesson)
  • If your a man with a ponytail kill yourself.
    • Kate - I don't have the courage.
  • If Sadboyz was a band Summer of No Friends would be their debut album.
  • My mother called me a mistake and threw an ashtray in my mouth.


  • If it's a cool robot that's what I look for in a girl.


  • Game is about murdering food groups

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