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Length: 2:08:44

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • vampire discussion
  • Macho Man jokes because he died recently
  • Seinfield discussion typecasted before it was typecasted
  • Big Bang Theory (First time of many of fuck that show)
  • Community Service SSX Tricky Mitch
  • Kids named where they are conceived (Fuck em 5x times) Alex

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Guilty Pleasure Bands (1st used of the repeat segment brought up later by Mitch)
  • Kate - Bowling for Soup, Paramore
  • Mitch- Dragonforce
  • Alex - Blood Brothers

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Our 15th rape!
  • (Worked at a tollbooth) I saw Courtney Cox, she is a huge fucking flaming cunt. Friends is good but she didn't understand the concept of a quarter.
  • My cousin you should see her.
  • I was with my cousin
    • Kate - Bow chica wow wow.
  • Yes we fucked.
    • Mitch - That's like the anime I watch.
  • My cousin didn't realize she was playing a videogame MMORPG on facebook.
  • SHUT THE FUCK UP MITCH you stupid cunt!
    • Kate - I love cunt.
  • NSYNC is better than the Backstreet Boys.
  • (Hates Weird Al and all parodies except Palette Swap Ninja)
  • No one likes Bowling for Soup I have to set you on fire now.
  • This is a podcast house. How dare they knock on our house.
  • Huge difference between the words gay and faggot.
  • I'm going to put Mitch's mom pic next to Kate's butt.
  • Mortal Kombat DLC or DLK Derr Derr Derr.
  • She's a palette swap of Kitana and you fucking your in all 3 holes. (said to Mitch)
  • This is Matt Popanylplous I'm a douchebag and smell like shit.
  • Alex OXcock Cabral
  • (Mitch) don't know who you are and you're already ruining a joke.


  • If we keep on going it won't be rape anymore.
  • My penis is itchy.
  • teaches everyone how to make fake cum
  • Alex lets commit gay suicide and just let them keep talking about this
  • dusk off your god damn genisis hook that in and play a real Sonic game
  • My parents like According to Jim and I wanted to kill myself.
  • Men are worthless but so are women.
  • STFU Mitch


  • Rape 15.
  • why do kids like shadow the hedge
  • I got a genuine laugh from Alex.
  • old sonic was iconic
  • If you were a vampire and bit an AIDS victim would you get AIDS?
  • Tony is the only likeable person. I'm too loud, Alex to abrasive, Matt's too sexual, Kate's too deadpan, and Drew is too Drew.
  • Who here likes Big Bang Theory?
    • Alex - My fucking dad and my fucking girlfriend. 


  • Let's go back in time and get bit. Excellent.

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