RA 151

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Length: 3:05:53

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt

Guests: Dylan Tierney Phazon117


Closing Song: Instrumentals Cowboyish with trumpet

Content Covered

  • FTG now
  • Pokemon
  • Goddamn spiders and fucked up insects
  • Nintendo getting the praise they deserve in 2014.

Notable Facts

  • Alex goes Linkin Park Imma bout to break. Did this crime more than Mitch. for this specific reference
  • Alex and Kate actually had some cry tears for ending of Super Mario Galaxy.

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • What a faggot.
    • Matt - What's a fagment?
  • I'm Drew Arbogast.
    • Kate - I'm Tony Johnson.
    • Dylan - I'm Front Towards Gamer.
  • Kate saying you don't like outside things going inside you is the best thing ever.
    • Kate - Inside the house not my butt.
    • Alex - I live in a butthouse.
  • I killed a spider. A spider sac of hundreds scattered. I spent hours spraying Lysol in the room.
  • Insects more scared of you than you are which isn't comforting advice.
    • Matt - You know what's more scared of you? Bears, Black People
    • Kate - Muslims.
  • What's more dangerous than a snake? A baby venomous snake. You're covered in venom and shit, and it never comes off like black people.
  • There is the McCaw and then there is the Hitler Bird.
  • Get the shotgun we'll kill the mosquito.
    • Dylan - We're eating mosquito.
  • Everybody for episode 200 record your shits.
  • Girls will have a dream of you cheating on them and be mad in real life and want you to apologize. I had that dream, where I had a a dream family vacation to pet Yetis. Mela got on a train and went the wrong way. It was July around Christmas, and it's Halloween. There was dead bodies everywhere. When I woke up I stared at Mela and said "What the fuck did you do?"
    • Matt - The guy version of the dream.
  • Kate I thought you were an asshole that wanted me to do extra work.
    • Matt - Kate you made up GamerGate. Are you also Brianna Wu?
    • Kate - I wish I was so I can get $200,000 from my parents to make a shitty game.
  • There are so many reasons why you shouldn't be on this show.
  • They all want Shovel Knight Smash DLC.
  • People love Skate 3 but not for original purposes.


  • If you don't kill a spider and miss, you don't know where it is, and it's trying to kill you. 
  • A bee is scared, a wasp wants to kill you. 
  • I paralyzed a snake.
    • Matt - I thought it was cause of your dumb retard grip. 
  • I hate cows but they are delicious.
  • I jerk off into a condom when I was 12. I felt something squishy when I rolled over in bed. It was a giant pine beetle.
  • Clowns are derogatory to themselves.
  • I picture you living sad and alone
    • Matt - Me too. She pays no rent.
    • Alex - Now I know why she loves you. Wait I still don't.
  • I use to steal promtional Pokemon Cards.
  • I fell from 500 to 360 followers on twitter. (GamerGate)
  • We celebrate real Thanksgiving unlike America.
  • I have a Facebook friend since 2011. No idea where they come from.
  • I did the Wikiparaz Brown fiction on TalkRadar
    • Matt - It was you?
  • Where's Mitch when you need him?
    • Alex - Dead
    • Kate - Good.
  • Our new kickstarter we draw blood from Matt.
    • Matt - Everytime we curse you donate semen.
    • Dylan - Where does it go?
    • Matt - Directly in my mouth.
    • Alex - Magneto of cum.
    • Matt - COOL. I can fly off it.
  • I didn't die I left. You're pulling a Tony of there can only be 1 thing and everything is a rip off.
    • Matt - If that was the case there would be 1 asshole and here we are.
  • All AAA games glitched up except Nintendo. For once this year Nintendo deserves it.
  • Gamefaqs or Neogaf with so much faggotry will try to fit Hyrule Warriors in the timeline.
  • Matt has good ideas sometimes.
    • Alex - Speaking of shitfuck face dick throat have you played Super Mario Crossover?
  • Jim Sterling looks like he has DOWN syndrome.
    • Matt - He's English they all have down syndrome.
    • Kate - He looks like a potato that has prbolems
    • Matt - He has Dunkin Donuts Syndrome.
    • Kate - His mouth formed upside down.
  • Mr. Schaefer! WASTING 3 MILLION DOLLARS! You shouldn't have a bank account.
    • Matt - May we end the show?
    • Alex - Yes end our lives. Fuck you Kate you will not listen to it.


  • Episode 151 like how many Pokemon there was.
  • Whoever I was yelling at, A I don't remember. B If I did, I don't remember their name anyway.
  • Our bodies are our temples.
  • As a little kid I watched Arachnophobia. I sang the itsy bitsy spider and a spider landed on me. Another time I was in a little kid house and there was spiders all over me.
  • Another scary one is cave crickets or camel crickets. They look like hornets the size of a thumb.
  • Birds are mad because they use to be mighty dinosaurs.
    • Alex - Birds are always assholes. (catfood)
  • I'm proud that my Wham Christmas facebook page got over 150 likes.
    • Alex - Fuck you!
  • Getting fucked in the ass on stage by Alex (catfood)
  • The first time I went to college I know. What's funny?
    • Alex - The idea you went to college.
  • I saw Super Size Me and wondered if I ate corn for 1 month. Would I shit out a cob? I didn't want to die.
    • Alex - Eat your corn faggot.
  • (catfood callback) Every painting you look at is the Mona Lisa.
  • Christina fucks me in the ass and tells me to have fun with it.
  • I had a dream last night she had a penis and I couldn't be any happier.
    • Dylan - Guess it rubbed off on you.
  • I had a dream about catfood.
    • Kate - And Christopher Lloyd.
  • Breaking news I got a like on Wham who isn't a friend of the show.
  • Jayson, Christina was like who the fuck is this guy?
  • Phazon? Wait your Phazon?
  • I was talking to her and I thought I was talking to you. I said suck my dick, she rolled with it.
  • I had a crush on Elston.
  • I thought all you people were inclusive.
  • They had a Nintendo Direct with what's his face? Bingo?
  • I never liked F-Zero anyway.


  • I opened a bag of salad and there was 3 dead moths.
  • My cereals are segregated to this day.
  • Playing Super Mario Galaxy and being 13.
    • Matt - Or you could be 25.

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