RA 152

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Length: 2:40:17

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: Itay Karen and wife Julia


Closing Song: Smash Mouth All Star MIDI

Content Covered

  • Mushroom 11
  • Kate vs. Mitch on 90's animes to 00's animes.

Notable Facts

  • Last of Us mushrooms cordeceyps not caltrops

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • A woman came into work that was really pregnant.
    • Matt - Did she needed to be milked?
    • Alex - She went to the bathroom and had to squeeze her boobs. I heard the entire thing.
    • Matt - What a waste. Are you glad you're developing games so you can talk to people like us?
  • They fake laugh because we're not funny.
  • I have a list so long of media I can mummify myself.
    • Matt - Gammaphones
    • Kate - Interpretitive Dance?
    • Alex - How do I escape world?
    • Matt - Die.
  • I need to find out the mystery of 3 Friends and Jerry.
    • Matt - Alex is going to do 50 hours of research.


  • JonTron Egoraptor. Clearly one is more fun that the other.
  • John fuck off. Go back to work.
  • catfood again on Doug not knowing how to order fast food.
  • I don't want to be on this show.


  • Delaware is fucking boring and I get out when I can.
  • This shithead got rid of his accent and it makes me sad.
  • Did you learn Krav Maga?
    • Itay - A little. I was a programmer in the military.
    • Matt - Ok then.
  • Egoraptor.
    • Kate - That fucking faggot.
  • Having a guest on the show is fucking weird.
    • Kate - It is fucking weird.
  • I should wear a shirt that says Trigger Warning.
    • Alex - I want to jump into the son with you.
  • Majoras Mask. That game is easy, I'm not mad, and it's fun. The 3 benchmarks.
  • I didn't know you could use shanks on clickers in The Last of Us.
  • A girl controlling his life through sex?
    • Mitch - That's my life.
  • No one trusts me when I say a show is good. Fuck everything.
  • Proud Family, Black people am I right?
    • Mitch - I wouldn't fuck one.
    • Matt - Good god, why would you.
    • Kate - I thought black people's vaginas didn't look right.
    • Mitch - No one does.
  • The moral of the story.
    • Mitch - Everyone be gay except for women.
  • Freakazoid doesn't hold up
    • Alex -FUCK YOU! You go fuck yourself in the hairless baldspot of your asshole.
    • Mitch - They turn into transexuals.
  • When Tim and Eric is condense to a screenshot it is amazing.
    • Alex - That's how I feel about parody songs.
  • The only good thing about Monster Rancher was Pixie because I wanted to fuck her.
  • I remember a show, let's name it.
  • Mitch your argument didn't prove or disprove anything.
    • Mitch - Fuck you.


  • If we had Reggie Fils-Aime on the show.
  • Big Comfy Couch started Matt's love of clown porn.
    • Matt - Maybe
  • I want that Filthy Frank shirt I eat ass.
    • Matt - Who doesn't? I mean really.
    • Mitch - If you don't you're a prude.
    • Matt - In this day and age if you don't eat ass I don't know what to say.
    • Mitch - It's the year 2014. It's the new fucking burrito.
    • Matt - It's a new staple food.
    • Mitch - There's 5 staple foods. Vegetables, fruit, protein, sweets, grains, and ass.
    • Kate - Anal with women fine. Guys no. It is fantastic by the way.
    • Mitch - If you're a girl that eats guys asses you disgust me.
    • Kate - I subscribed to a reddit of eating ass. Half of it is a girl tonguing a guys ass. There's no straight eating of ass of guy on girl.
    • Matt -  I don't know what porn you like to watch.
    • Kate - All kinds.
    • Mitch - I skip the blowjobs. It's about the penetration.
    • Alex - Me too.
    • Mitch - Except when I skip to far in and it goes to prolapse.
    • Alex - Proxy Paige. Hot but horrifying vids.
  • BroPan raped me with Soul Sacrifice.
  • I'm just saying what you said.
    • Matt -You didn't cite me or used citations.
  • Pepper Ann was the best lesbian of our generation.
  • Seth McFarlene eat shit and die.


  • I wanted to be a farmer but I decided to be a game developer.


  • I'll post a special link in Geocities.
  • I use to work for ICQ but they got bought by AOL.
    • Matt - Are you 85 years old in internet time?

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