RA 155

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Length: 2:43:37

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch

Guests: Mela Christina Rob from Marvel Explained


Closing Song - Wonderful 101 again

Content Covered

  • Marvel
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

Notable Facts

  • callback Bomb middle america

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Let's talk about DC since the Marvel guy is here.
  • Does Thor have to deal with a period, or is it as a woman or as Thor?
  • Beta Ray Bill was a horse. That could wield a hammer?
  • It will be MS Paint with a carpenter hammer.
  • Agent Cole Slaw.
    • Mela - The perfect side dish.
  • I cry when I eat ice cream in the shower.
    • Mela - You're a woman.
  • What? You don't wanna fuck?
    • Mela - Most things.
  • Professor X played by Adam Sandler.
  • Jean Grey played by Jensen Ackles.
    • Mela - No!
  • Stan Lee will be replaced by Jet Li.
  • I want to love you Mitch.
    • Mela - What the fuck are you doing!
    • Alex - Nothing
    • Mela - Get back in the cage! I'm awesome. Everyone loves me.
  • I am BBQ Ice cream.


  • When you went back to thank him he didn't know and when your turned around, the comic book store was gone.
    • Mitch - That happens to me.
    • Alex - No! It didn't!
    • Mitch - It was a sportsbar.
    • Matt - How opposite of a thing could it have been.
  • I'm not a woman but I know Mela is.
    • Alex - Maybe.
  • My dad is a old school nerd complaining about what it use to be.
  • I identified as Morph and was made fun of.
  • Sonic picks up a hammer.
    • Alex - And then he becomes Thor.
    • Matt - Sonic in a wheelchair.
    • Rob - Put Wolverine in it.
    • Matt - DC does it. Let's make it better. Let's add Batman!
  • I hate Gambit so fucking much. My girlfriend has a crush on him so I see action figures staring me in the fucking face.
  • Don't bring up MovieBob you fucking ass.
  • The picked CrumpleSnatch.
  • The idea of Arnold Schwarznegger fighting Megan Fox who is mostly made of metal.


  • Bring up anime 46:50 in.
  • Ryan Gosling in a live action Sonic movie.
    • Rob - I thought Ryan Gosling came up with that.
  • Mentions anime again
    • Mela - Shut up Mitch!
  • Mentions more anime
    • Mela - Shut up Mitch! (2nd time)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is real life version of Uncanny Valley.
  • The new Skrillex album is chill
    • Christina - Kill yourself.


  • I want to squeeze his hiney.
  • I hate Space Jam. Matt works out to fucking Space Jam all the goddamn time.
    • Matt - You're talking Space Jam?
    • Christina - You fucking faggot and all that other queer shit.


  • Alex didn't believe me when I told him Deathman was a real thing. 
  • I stalk your channel legitmitely. 
  • When I was growing up, I emulated personalities I found very cool.
    • Alex - How is that going for you?
    • Mela - Not going well.
    • Alex - Well she's a 90's woman.
  • Let's be real here. No one would jerk off to New Campbell.
  • We're going to learn from each other. Yay!
  • I super imposed my personality on Jean Grey.
  • I gave up drinking so I'm smoking.
  • Channing Tatum should not play Gambit, but play himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Plants are not weather.
    • Alex - Plants are weather.
  • Incest is completely normal in the 21st century.
  • Alex you've been talking to other woman?
  • Notebook for my Star Trek fiction.
  • Green Arrow is Batman if he was interesting. He comes from good dreams.
    • Alex - The ones you clean up from.
  • Dean Winchester is my bae.
  • Scenario where I see Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm not dating Alex.
    • Alex - You're never dating Alex.
    • Mela - Shut the fuck up!
    • Alex - What if they made out with each other?
  • Everything is ruined because Mitch sucks.


  • Sugarman, what a terrible villain.
    • Alex - He kills by diabetes.
  • Oh my god. Nick Fury is black.
  • Samuel Jackson agreed to use his likeness as long as he appears as Nick Fury in the movies.
    • Mela - Are you telling me white and black Fury are seperate but equal? Plessy vs. Ferguson joke
  • Scarlet has the power to be a crazy bitch.
    • Alex - Lady MacBeth of the Marvel Universe.
  • White Chicks is amazing. White Chicks Explained.

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