RA 160

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Length: 2:37:59

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch


Closing Song - Earth Wind and Fire September mashup with Daft Punk

Content Covered

  • Black vagina
  • Questions
    • Does Black vagina feel as leather as it looks?
    • Mortal Kombat DLC?
    • Who is your waifu? Who is your husbando and why is it me? Le Tran
      • Matt - Le is the best.
      • Kate - Coolest person that I know
      • Mitch - Andrew WK but Asian.
      • Alex - Every picture he is the life of the party.
    • Why should I kill myself? Gene Charaltan
      • Alex - You are my favorite fan because I don't know who you are.
    • Why am I Brian Williams?
    • Why am I the Super Bowl?
    • Why am I not Gronk's dick?
    • Would you let Isis fuck your dad?
    • What was a hard task for you that is now effortless?
    • When you play a game do you go in a direction to reduce progress?
    • Meeting a mountain lion what is proper etiquette?
      • Alex - Print screen and not recreating a webpage. Team F12 screencap.
  • Dark Souls is shit
  • The Game shows of hell and mythology and some
  • Alex got slimed at Nickelodeon.
  • Oldboys
  • Katie Potato 2nd time 1:25:00

Notable Facts

  • Matt wrong on vomitorium. Alex corrected him.
  • Muchombo Chimba was born in Mumbai India when parents were on vacation as said by Alex

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Microtransactions are ruining all games in all ways.
  • Did Mitch make up a true fact that the core of the earth is space?
    • Matt - Is this Guran Lagann rules?
  • If anyone wants to correct me I don't fucking care.
  • When you see your dad do you take your pants off?
    • Matt - That's what I do.
  • A briefcase of diamonds?
  • Create fake special features so I can learn facts which are not true.
  • We can talk forever and be friends forever. I need liquid friendship
  • (Forgot TalkRadar mention Mask comic where he kills everyone) I'll add that to the list to read when I'm 500 years old.
  • The Gronk is a football and he puts his face on the advertise.
  • Repay to redo episode 19?
    • Matt - Looking at the Wiki so it's TURbo.
    • Kate - Are we literally going to laugh at our jokes from 4 years ago?
    • Alex - Mitch made a MS Paint Banner. What a shitbag.


  • Mitch does black vagina feel as leathery as it looks?
    • Mitch - Well it depends on how well your cure it.
    • Matt - That sounds like the exact opposite of what you want to do with a vagina.
    • Mitch - No it does, that's the trick. You wait for it to dry out a while and when you go in, oh the car seat feels. So good.
  • I'm not answering your fucking stupidity Mitch. You keep talking with your face. Asking questions that don't make sense you fricken frick.
    • Alex - It taste like applesauce.
    • Kate - FUCK YOU! I'm fucking mad for the rest of the night (Mitch got Kate to eat her shit)
    • Alex - I washed the applesauce out of my hair.
    • Kate - You fucking lied to me.
    • Alex - My dad clinched my slime underwear trying to throw it away at Universal Studios.
    • Mitch - You got bukkak'ed
    • Matt - I'm glad Mitch said it so I didn't have to.
    • Alex - You had sense
    • Kate- Mitch you need to stop being gross.
  • My mic was fucked up.
    • Alex - I thought you were being an asshole.
  • Mitch Shut the fuck up about adult chocolate milk.
  • I hate I don't want to miss a thing. That was the last song they played at every high school dance I hated.
  • When I think of screaming Americans I think of Matt.
  • I never understood the push or pull or twisting a jar.
  • Depressing it took us 106 episodes to get it right.
  • I lost 15 lbs.
    • Mitch - No one cares.
    • Matt - Fuck you that's good!
    • Alex - I'm sure Mitch is wrong, and that's good.


  • Wait what? A true fact is different from a false fact?
  • I haven't turned off the jet turbines for the space castle.
  • SubZero's favorite color is ice.
  • I love the idea of all the characters being all at a Denny's.
  • I want to be a hairy sexy Kano.
  • No Dark Souls is shit.
    • Mitch - They harken back to the old days.
    • Alex - When videogames sucked.
    • Alex - I feel its a game where I know what to do but the character does know.
    • Matt - The controls are shit.
    • Mitch - Git gud.
  • The wheel of Fortune. The wheel was forged by the Greek god that made Thor's hammer.
    • Kate Ugh?!
  • Pat Sajak is a million years old. He was the original sadboy.
    • Alex - How many fucking people were the first sadboy?
    • Alex - By the gods and a prize is win one million dollars? What a lame prize.
    • Matt - What's the fucking chick with letters?
    • Alex - Vanna White
  • He said facebook you fucking homosexual.
    • Mitch - I'm sorry I'm gay.
    • Matt - You should be. That's also on the wheel of fortune
    • Alex - You turned gay?
    • Matt - And if gay you turn super gay.
    • Mitch - Back then in the Greek day being gay was awesome and now its a monstrosity.
  • The most dangerous game is Wheel of Fortune.
  • Olmec rolled in Nickolodeon one day.
    • Kate - ONE PIECE!
  • I should win the award of world's biggest faggot.
  • He covers his room in football of one team.
    • Alex - Go Japan!
  • What a gaybo. I miss him but I'm happier that he is gone.
  • You burned me with a cigarette? Now fuck your daughter.
  • He caught you fucking your sister.
    • Alex - RA is my hotel room.
  • No one liked Armageddon.
  • Whisper in its ear and tell it let it happen.
  • Visit the youtube. Fuck you.


  • Warner Brothers owns Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat does that mean
    • Alex - No
    • Matt - Shut up Mitch.
  • Welcome to Who's Line where the points don't matter and I shit down your neck.
  • You got cockteased by Nickolodeon.
  • My butt touched Kori's butt.
    • Matt - It blew up.
    • Kate - You know what Mitch? I can't believe you are getting away with opening your fucking mouth in public. Know your fucking place shit fuck. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm done.

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