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RA Episode 168

Length: 2:29:56

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guests: Jordan Alseca Rich Laporte

Intro: None

Closing Song: ?

Content Covered

  • Joy of Gaming podcast people on
  • 2 Sides of Bioshock. Praised as GOTY/ or overrated pile of lame shit
  • Alex has a quiz
  • Avril Lavigne

Notable Facts

  • Kate called creator of OddWorld Lorne Michael the creator of SNL than Lorne Lanning

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • If I had to pick one. No contest.
    • Matt & Mitch - E3!
  • Molyneux, like I'll cut my arms off and show you can catch a ball in a screen.
  • Don't forget to donate to RA Kickstarter where we release 3 movies while delivering great content every week.
  • I animated Drew in the Episode 50 banner, so we had to pretend he was on.
  • You know all the problems we had with quizzes?
    • Matt - Yeah I solved it.
    • Alex - With a quiz. No more quizzes and no more quests.
    • Kate - TURbo is going to Wiki about the Quiz Era.
    • Mitch - Shut up fucking faggot.
    • Alex - No more quizzes for the next 30 years.
    • Matt - Thank god, I'll be dead by then.
  • I fucking hate you Kate.
    • Kate - Good.
  • I'm giving myself 3 points. It's about the Jews.
    • Mitch - You're correct, good Jewsing.
  • Frog Fractions is an edufraction games.
    • Matt - Play penis friction.
  • EgoRaptor is a fucking moron.
    • Rich - So Egoraptor has an accurate name.
  • We have one listener who found us by typing in videogame podcast.
    • Mitch - Til episode 1000 we all have to kill ourselves.
  • I had a friend that met Avril Lavigne at a Blink 182 concert. Then he saw her on TV, OMG she wouldn't shut up in front of us.
  • You know I almost died of Avril Lavigne poisoning?
  • Kate we don't like to listen to you anyway.


  • I have as much shameful Sonic fandom as you Mitch.
    • Mitch - I thought you were going to say autism.
  • I hate you. Your head looks like a Jughead Archie crown.
  • My FF7 game froze when Eris was stabbed. The stupid flower bitch. The internet martyred her.
  • I'm lazy and I'm poor so I distance myself from new releases so I don't hear spoilers.
    • Mitch - You got a Sega Genesis last year?
    • Kate - That twist when Knuckles broke the bridge under me.
    • Mitch - There is a plot twist in Sonic 3.
    • Jordan - I was moved by Knuckles betrayal in Sonic 3. Then they reused the same plot in Sonic Adventure.
    • Mitch - We saw the sales figures kids want retarded shit.
    • Kate - The executives saw what they want it was Jordan in capital letters.
    • Matt - My girlfriends favorite character is Pink Knuckles.
    • Jordan - That might be the craziest thing in the Sonic comics. It's the ET Atari 2600 of comics.
  • Everyone I talked to about Avatar were market plants.
    • Alex - It was unobtainium.
    • Kate - He was underwater for 10 years came out to make a movie and people got excited.
    • Mitch - James Cameron can shit 2 hours straight and call it the best thing ever.
    • Alex - They should change movies to Cameronisms.
  • Star Wars XIII The Slight Annoyance.
  • Imagine Mitch asking questions like that for an hour.
    • Matt - Forever.
    • Kate - That's the second worst quiz we ever done.
  • I am such a pussy. I can't kill bugs.
  • I'm done you assfuck you waited 10 seconds.
  • The word tropes makes me want to kill them. It makes me want them to look like people in Total Recall when they are out in Mars without their suits.
    • Mitch - Sounds like your bezerk button.
    • Kate - Fuck you, you noseless Jew.
    • Eric - wow....
    • Mitch - Haidic Jews canon.
  • You guys are my best friends.
    • Alex - Fuck you Kate!


  • Vegeta is fucking gay.
  • The earth realm is the gay realm.
    • Mitch - What realm is this?
    • Matt - Earthrealm stupid.
  • Do you want to hear a story how I love my cat more than my girlfriend?
    • Kate - Yes that sounds depressing as hell.
    • Matt - We knew this in our hearts, and now there is actual proof and evidence.
    • Mitch - You fucked your cat and not your girlfriend.
    • Matt - Oh god, all night.
    • Alex - I fucked her full of hornets.
    • Matt - Purring noise is full of bees. The cat was sniffing the hornet and I was like NO! I open the porch door and smacked the bee. There was a hornet before. I had the bee before the cat in the apartment complex.
    • Alex - Before you smacked Christina.
    • Mitch - You came hornets onto her.
    • Matt - Anyway she said there was a hornet and I was like what the fuck am I going to do about it.
    • Rich - Chivalry is dead unless it's a cat.
  • Videogames are horrible and perverse things.
  • We are all in agreement that women are the worse.
  • You talk about tight asses, and now no one can think.
  • We have dumb fucking rules. Put on banner, means it won't be on banner. Character on air has to be canon. I blame Alex for watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
    • Mitch - Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure is the Ghost Trick of Animes!
    • Kate - Next week I'll talk about GamerGate and Feminism.
    • Alex - Make it into a quiz.
    • Kate - I will! (Didn't) Question 1 what's wrong with Adam Sessler? Don't test me you Spiky headed fuck.
  • I got this Nickelback CD No Fixed Address at MAGFEST. There was a Child's Play charity and my gay son gave it to me.
  • Here's a pre alpha for $45 for what we want the game to be, but we won't listen to you.


  • I was installing a Windows XP Virtual Machine so I can play
    • Kate - Bonzai Buddy.
    • Mitch - Sonic Schoolhouse.
    • Alex - It's a game designed to help grown men not pee their pants.
  • you with your ideas and your suspenders.
    • Alex - Excuse me, they're continental suspenders. They have to go across the continent.
  • Advent Rising.
    • Jordan - Man you guys know your shit.
  • When is Link Japanese?
    • Matt - Always!
  • Hornets are the SJW's of the insect world.
    • Kate - That is the weakest analogy I have ever heard and I'm the hardest inebriator you'll ever see.
    • One of the guest - How do you know each other?
    • Alex - We don't.


  • Let me crowdfund the question
    • Kate - Are you not going to answer and fuck off and not deliver?
  • 2014 wasn't the best year for gaming. We got the Joy of Gaming podcast from when Adam Sessler talked about how much fun he had playing Uncharted 2.
    • Kate - Adam Sessler is a fucking cunt.
    • Matt - And so are you.
    • Kate - That is true. We're all jaded and miserable.
    • Matt - I was. Kate stop.
    • Kate - No
    • Matt - Stop.
    • Kate - No.


  • Look what you accomplished. Back to back weekly content.
    • Mitch - Well......
    • Matt - You guys are part of our canon.
  • Jordan and Eric - Goodbye.
  • Kate - Fuck those assholes.
  • Matt - Fuck em
  • Alex - Fuck em.
  • Mitch - Fuck em. Fuck those guys.

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