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RA 176

Length: 3:00:37

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch

Guest: Stashe from Guns out and Sundown, and some Christina

Intro: Pledge Allegiance to Random Assault

Closing Song:

Content Covered

  • E3
  • Jurassic Park
  • Mitch and Christina talking about sonic

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Jurassic World have any of you faggots seen it?
  • Kingdom Hearts III will be the 8th game.
  • They are making a big deal of Shenmue but it's a reboot and a kickstarter.
  • If you follow me on facebook which none of you are.
  • The big 3 announcements of E3 is a reboot, backwards compatability, and Kickstarter. That's ridiculous. It's the publicity they are paying for.
  • Move to Canada you can fuck your first cousins.
    • Matt - 1st cousins? That's kinda of horrifying.
    • Stashe - Edgar Allen Poe did it.
    • Kate - Good pussy similar to the one you came from but legally distinct from.
    • Matt - That's great. Canada is truly heaven on earth.
  • Microsoft and Sony are remake machines.
  • I'm retarded. It's a HDMI port but I couldn't tell because it was vertical and not horizontal.
  • In a GTA IV mission with mods, everything was fire. All cars in the parking lot were on fire and exploded.
  • On PC I can alt tab my porn.
  • Women want to be women just because. Men aren't the problem.
  • Joss Whedon is a fag.
  • Old literature s full of slavery, rape, and torture.
    • Stashe - That's fine in my book.
  • When a man plants a spermy seed in the va-ju-ju she loses all humor.
    • Matt - Dad jokes happen when they know their life is over.
  • Tranny slang is the worst. I hate trannies.
  • Jurassic World I have positive and negative bullet points.
    • Matt - They were too busy writing Jurassic World to stop it and think they should make it.
    • Kate - The most logical post sequel location.
    • Matt - They film these as movies but there's a hidden island where dinosaurs live.
  • You know you have to shoe horn in a romance to show the main character isn't gay.
  • Chris Pratt is gay with the dinosaurs.
    • Matt - The T-Rex that ate the lawyer is a hero.
  • We should form a metal band Mississippi Cunt Punch Ocarina Slide Whistle. Better duo that Drew and Mitch.
  • So 80's it hurts.
    • Matt - It hurts good for me.
  • Talk to Mitch about being a faggot.
    • Christina - It's great. I love dick in the morning.
    • Mitch - I know.
    • Kate - I don't like dick in the morning. It has sweat. It needs a shower.
  • I haven't purchased a dildo in a while.
  • You filthy anime trash.
  • Don't argue with me. I need you to hate me.
  • Let's Plays are gay. I wish I was dead.
  • Check out the Soundcloud nigga!
  • He doesn't want you to revoke sister pussy privileges.


  • Face turned into tits a tranny nightmare.
    • Kate - No that's a tranny blessing.
  • The big reveal is Stashe is dating my sister. The state won't let me fuck her so somebody has too.
    • Kate - Jesus. No no no.
    • Stashe - We're close to West Virginia.
    • Matt - You and her a bit related are you?
    • Stashe - Who cares.
    • Matt - Back to fucking E3. I hate videogames.
  • Doom is a ripoff of Halo.
    • Kate - That's a beautiful Troll post.
  • Did you watch the SuperBunnyHop video?
    • Kate - He's kinda of a fag.
    • Matt - You say everyone's a fag. He's not my boyfriend yet.
    • Kate - He should be. I thought your sister was your boyfriend.
  • I hate the what's a PC, I don't want to spend 10 million a week to upgrade my PC.
    • Kate - That's stupid. It's not that expensive. Remember when we made fun of Drew?
    • Matt - Yeah but deep down my feelings were hurt.
    • Stashe - If I want to play a game I stole, I play the PC.
    • Kate - It's nice to play GTA IV on PC in proper HD.
  • When GTA San Andreas came out I don't want to play as a black guy. I had a frame of reference for GTA III and Vice City because they're wops and I'm a wop.
    • Kate - My friend was a wigger so it took me a while to warm up to GTA San Andreas. You play as a black guy in the 80s. (It was 1992)
    • Matt - OOhhh!
  • E3 Oh my god. Too many women.
    • Kate - They make it sound there was never any female protagonists.
    • Matt - I thought women didn't work in the videogame industry.
    • Kate - When Roberta Williams hired Jane Jensen they canceled each other out.
    • Matt - Maybe, they're secret men.
    • Kate - Men don't care about being women as long as the game is good.
    • Matt - Maybe I didn't want to play as a black as a child because I couldn't relate. (He 20 in 04)
  • There was a duck living in my asshole.
  • We're racist misogynists and gay!
    • Stashe - I agree with everything so far.
  • I'm not around children. I don't know.
  • I'm different compared to the show. I'm puritanical. I don't need to see 80's side boob. I just want to see Arnold butt.
  • No Kate. I love the movie and you're faggot.
    • Stashe - Will their be a new game on Super Nintendo?
  • I'm stupid. I thought Evil Dead 2 was a reboot.
  • I hate that guy because he's fucking my sister.
    • Kate - We brought him on to talk about E3 and dinosaurs.
  • What kills me about Mitch, is he isn't wrong. We have a whole other fucking group. Is it too much for people to use deductive reasoning?
  • Here is Mitch to save the fucking day. He isn't saying anything.
    • Kate - Look what the fucking juicebar cat dragged in. Mitchell Fucking Rozetar. What are you doing?
    • Mitch - You know regretting every decision I made in my entire life.
    • Kate - You missed E3 and Jurassic World.
    • Mitch - So nothing.
  • I was telling our vast audience.
    • Kate - Of 12.
  • Blackety McBlack but his last name is white.
  • Christina Ricci's forehead is begging to be blasted.
  • We're making $5.73 split among 6 people and most of that is Dylan and Dave's Troll show.
    • Mitch - That's more than my Patreon.
    • Kate - Good.
  • When do we shut your Patreon?
  • Super retard by the powers combined!
    • Mitch - What are the powers?
    • Matt - Being fat. Being retarded.
    • Mitch - Smelling like boogers. Having a clef lip.
    • Kate - Obesity, Autism, Sonic Fandom, Furfag.
    • Mitch - And Heart.
  • Go Captain Retard.
  • Everytime we record an episode Alex records a secret episode afterwards.
  • Donate to our CumPatreon CumPatriots.
  • Lizard Jew Overlords giving us copyright strikes.


  • Check out the Steam sale.
    • Kate - The steam sale is already over nigger.
  • I'll pay Jayson to beat up Kate.
    • Matt - He has to wear the fursuit.
    • Mitch -Then Jayson says look at me when I skullfuck you.
    • Kate - I like that. That would be the biggest erection I'd have in 5 years.
    • Matt - You know he has that retard strength.


  • We're a heavy metal band out of Baltimore.
    • Matt - Oh.
    • Stashe - There was some riots.
    • Matt - Did you take part or was your skin not the right color?
    • Stashe - I was on the police side. I just sat around while hosing people down.
    • Matt - That's 1970's kind of racism. I aged 30 years went back in time and laughed.
    • Kate - That's the secret of time travel.
    • Matt - Racism, Black to the Future.
  • I'm very broke but business is good


  • Matt screamed at me yelling shut the fuck up because I died a lot. (Some Sonic game)
  • Yeah Jayson is a fag.
    • Kate - He is a fag.