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Length: 2:05:33

Hosts: Alex Drew Matt Mitch

Guest: Alex's friend(Steve) brief moment


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Women tangent rant. Seriously women.
  • Alex people are ignorant on Dead Rising

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • drew mentions gator hunting
  • Richard Mathison short stories of Twlight Zone
  • Guilty Pleasure game question mentioned
  • Fuckem 3x for something
  • Alex Damon Baird Blur Gorillaz has shitty signature.
  • Matt told story to gf to go to Japan and fufill her dreams. Wants people to be successful and appy

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Thank you Mitch you fucking asshole.
  • Had a cute DS story with a young hispanic kid.
  • I told my girlfriend call triple AAA because you're about to be toed.
  • Toe Knee Johnson are things you can put in a vagina
  • I can hide my testicles in my body. It is very unsexy. I'm going to show my girlfriend.
  • I'm ranting about the godamn Mighty Boosh.
  • My favorite flavor is nothing.
  • You can't justify FWVB with 2 people.
  • Doesn't matter what you say Kate never listens
  • Why do your girls always have the 5 o clock shadow?
    • Matt - Because they're trannies.
  • I have a friend who plays WoW.
    • Steve - My balls are a lot like WOW because I can't stop playing with them.


  • I made my younger brother armor and gave him money. It's kind of cute.
    • Matt - Make out with him.
    • Alex - You should kill yourself and see how far he will take it.


  • My penis is calloused much like gator skin.
  • That guy can suck my dick and I won't enjoy it because I'm mad.
  • Someone wrote we were a young TalkRadar. It made me tear.
  • I will never sell t-shirts to you guys for $25. and DVD for $30.
  • If Alex charges money for signatures, kick me in the nuts because I let it happen.
  • Friends With Benefits is no aspiriations of 2 guys being popular or sucessful. They do stuff like we do.
  • Drew is a PC gamer save state is all he knows.
  • Have you ever ejaculated where your balls go into your body?
  • Number one reason for pedophilia. Sexy kids.
  • A kid elbowing his dick at a museum.



  • My name is body parts.

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