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Length: 2:00:53

Hosts: Alex, Drew, Kate, MattTony


Closing Song: Still Alive Portal remix

Content Covered:

  • Minecraft

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • First time 510BrotherPanda is mentioned with fapping in the same sentence.
  • First episode Kate Reilly and Mitch Rozetar appeared on.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Lead the Minecraft conversation
  • Pissed as a boy watching Titanic with his aunt.
  • Pipgirl eats ketchup on toast.
    • Kate - She eats ketchup on toast because she is fucked up.
  • I am uncircumsized and piss like a balloon. I did that last when I was 12.


  • Straight up stoled the Burning Crusade expansion at Wal-Mart.
  • Duke Nukem was delayed and my heart is broken.
  • Kicked off robot team for making a That's what she said joke.
  • First console launch for him was PS3. His brother threw up in the car.
  • Duke Nukem Forever is like the second coming of Jesus
  • So many kids films to jerk off to.


  • Giant, fat, tranny. Awesome.
  • Friends With Benefits has a girl on and its still a sausage fest.
  • Yes my anus lubricates itself.
  • During this time I like to take a timeout to call all of you faggots.
  • I'm not going to do a girl voice because it sounds like a butch Michael Jackson.
  • No more morning boners. I don't need to stand upside down to pee.


  • Apologized fap to 510BrotherPanda.
  • I got a third stream and I was so proud of myself.
  • Girl cum is not yellow.
  • Best to clean my penis with the Kitchen hose.
  • (1:30:50) Fuck BroPan
    • Kate - He says our podcast is too gay.
  • We can't get an honest to god girl but we will.
    • Alex - Make one
  • That's what she said is the lowest of the low for jokes.
  • Told story of pissing in a cup in a car. Needed to stretch his dick into the cup.
  • Had a Wii launch story.
  • Brings up pornstars get shit for free due to Amazon wishlist.
  • We all can't get laid like Tony.
  • It's pathetic to give a gift to a female you never met for a possibility to have your dick get sucked.
  • (Gaming) I don't have 30 hours, it takes me 45 minutes to jerk off. If I don't have immediate gratification in 45 minutes I'm finished.
  • First of all I like to fuck men. I will juggle your balls like a clown. Fuck you in the ass and give you a reacharound. Bust a nut on your back. Let it run down your crack. Lick it out. Spit it out in your mouth. I like to fuck men.
  • I can't believe we made it to a second episode.


  • We should dedicate this podcast to BroPan.
  • I walked into people jerking off to kids films.
    • Kate - Did you let them finish?
    • Tony - They're not going to finish on my watch.

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