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Length: 2:21:16

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch

Guest: Gabe


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • How to pube shave
  • Simpsons season 20 DVD sucks

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Mitch's mom sounds Jewish. Started by Alex.
  • Was the original DS $250 at launch? It was actually $150
  • Hiding testicles mentioned episode 18 girlfriend witness 20
  • Alex Michael Cera Fuck em 3x

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • I only played Mortal Kombat once today.
  • I worked at the Discovery store. It went out of business. I stoled everything.
  • Fuck Shithead. He fucks shit on his head.
    • Matt - And wipes shit on his face
  • Whoa shave down then up.
  • You can say anything about Kate because she doesn't listen dumb cunt.
    • Mitch - Bitch slut whore.
  • Maybe the holocaust was a giant art project.
  • Still on Walt Disney jokes? Shut the fuck up.
  • (Kurt) He likes the pretty songs and he likes to sing along.
    • Mitch - The last thing he didn't want to happen to him was singing No Doubt covers."
  • A true gentleman shaves his balls.
  • I scared my girlfriend by hiding my balls.


  • I hurt my righty.
    • Mitch - You name them?
  • Yeah I tied my balls with a strang at work because I was bored and we were opened until 10.
  • I shoved anal beads and pulled out to fast like a ripcord and shit was everywhere.
  • I say muttzerella because of my dad.
  • Turbo hates us.
    • Alex - No TURbo is my buddy. I picture me and TURbo in a field.


  • I'm going to do it for Alex. Mitch STFU 2x
  • RAPE newsteam.
  • I'm isolating the retarded audience. Sorry BroPan.
  • I'm in charge of GNA FM the least released podcast ever.
  • For TalkRadar Quotes
    • Alex - What?
  • Just say tits and people will be interested.
    • Alex - So this tits went to an internet cafe.
  • Mitch do you have trouble taking it up the ass?
    • Matt - Not me.
  • If I had a job I would have money.
    • Alex - If I were a job I'd be a boner.

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