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Length: 2:04:01

Hosts: Alex Drew Kate Mitch


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt was not a child fapper prodigy

Caught fapping?

  • Alex no
  • Mitch no

Drew longest games you ever played?

  • Drew Fallout 3 300+ hours
  • Alex depressed for 8 months 10,181 hours = 424 days nonstop. Doesn't account for 184 non depression days
  • Drew mentions Gators
  • Alex Fuck em3x on band names (shitty ones)
  • haven't we heard this before repeat on Guilty pleasure bands
  • Drew doesn't know Al Jolson.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • (Matt) You exhausted your penis.
  • Rare was pheomenal.
  • Mitch you take pride in not being funny.
  • It's hard to make a call with no telephone. It is hard to be funny when you are Mitch.
  • I want to fuck Drew and it is not fair.
  • Shut the fuck up Mitch you are louder than you are sad.
  • I haven't got $ from parents in years.
    • Kate - I haven't had parents in years.
  • Art War Bladdercat vs. MrSuitman
  • Left 4 Dead 2 is a piece of shit.
  • Kate you like 2 Bowling for Soups songs that is 4 times too many.
  • VVVVVV The first 3 V's are silent. And the last 3 VVV's are silent.
  • Mitch you're doing it wrong.
  • Fuck that game. Catherine.


  • I hate dubstep.
    • Alex - You are all about the dubstep.
  • I have 2 guy friends.
    • Kate - Then have sex with them.


  • I'm trying to schedule a fuck date.
    • Alex - I finished my fuckdate.
  • I got a PM. The penis was very impressive.
  • My nipples are so sensitive when I'm showering and it hits the right place Holy shit.
  • I stuck my penis in a 4 liter milk bottle.
    • Alex - Didn't we talk about putting our penis into things" (Haven't we heard this before)
  • (Mitch) How large is your girlfriends breasts?
    • Mitch - c-cup
  • My first dildo was enormous. I'm a bit of a size queen.
  • It was literally 18 inches long. Black wide around. I had no lube the first time I got it.
  • Used a roommates lotion. She said can I have it back. No you may not. Looked at the envelope package then looked back at her.
  • It couldn't fit in the mailbox so we had to drive to the post office.
  • Nasty shit story.
  • Mitch you fucked up.
  • Why can't I stick Wii games in the 360?


  • I'm not Jewish
    • Alex and Kate - YES YOU ARE
  • Kate did you fuck anyone before you became a monster?
  • I want to talk about Knights of the Nightmare. (too long) all we know is title
    • Kate - Just say it.

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