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Length: 2:13:19

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch Tony

Intro: 24

Closing Song: TOP SECRET

Content Covered: UNCLASSIFIED

  • Electra
  • 24
  • Southpark hitting 200 episodes
  • Local bands you hate?
  • Being Bisexual a crime against humanity

Other Shit and some Facts: UNCLASSIFIED

  • Tony loves Night Rider.
  • Kate won the bet, Drew was the host that died.
  • Callback to lemon which was episode 26. How could it foreshadow?....
  • Tony never heard of London Calling
  • Alex callback heard of Green Day?
  • Mitch made out with a girl for Jurassic Park III in one of his made up memories
  • Kate almost killed family on roadway. Umbrella extended hit dad in the head swerved on wrong side of highway
  • RA 24 floor of skyscraper of Rock Band Instruments
  • cback Kate classmate draw yaoi all the time
  • Alex mom was into the Boston music scene. 

Funny Stories and Quotes: UNCLASSIFIED


  • I'm Mitch an Animes and animes.
  • Things you find new after playing games multiple times? Ask us that 25 episodes from now.
  • We're you poor or were you Canadian?
  • We reference that other podcast every episode.
  • Being gay I didn't get it. What are you sucking dick?
  • B Cubed gets divided by itself.
  • You can call bullshit all you want but its not going to pick up.
  • Reincarnated.
  • My mom dated a music producer.
    • Tony - The Who?
    • Kate - No Tony, not the Who, the Clash.
  • In the Mummy, why would you steal the eyes of a guy that needs glasses?
  • What did you feel up? She was 11. An estrogen bubble?
  • Mitch you should hookup with Matt, Play his dick like a guitar.
    • ​Kate - My brother played the dick like a guitar. (callback)


  • Bcubed is going places. I'm telling you.
  • I have no ejamucations of sperms.
  • I don't give a shit what their junk looks like I'll fuck them anyway.
    • ​Alex - Except your own, continue. I can't wait to penis that.
    • Mitch - I like that Kate is gay bashing while being gay.
    • Kate - Mitch need a vagina?
    • Alex - I don't want to fuck dudes.
    • Mitch I don't want to fuck dudes
    • Alex Why would you limit yourself not to get shit on?
    • Alex - I don't want to be infected by dick
    • Alex you best unstraight yourself soldier
    • Alex - Mitch have sex with me, nothing but men. Waves of men.
    • Alex- Let's all go fuck a guy if were not on a podcast, it means were gone.
  • Why you heteros aren't bi?
  • Angelina Jolie does not have good blowjob lips.
  • All of the country, all of the trannies, all of the donkey porn (Brazil)
  • You're from England of course you know about Doctor Who.
  • I would see why you would like Night Rider if you were a car.
  • Bury it in "The Vault"
  • (British people) I thought your teeth were that way due to the food UK people had to eat.
  • Nelson Teathers fuckery game.
  • Have any of you tasted poo by accident? Mines was Ass to mouth blindfolded.
    • ​Alex - Oh? the only way to do it is on purpose.
  • I licked smegma and vomit and it was delicious.


  • Bury the podcast. If it releases 1 of us will die. (Drew)


  • I'm a Jamaican born in the UK
    • ​Alex - That's like calling Kate a woman.
  • I'm Tony Kate Johnson
  • We call our game shops Game, bars, pubs.
  • Mitch you like Blu ray and dick.

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