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Length: 2:10:08

Hosts: Alex Matt Tony

Guest: Jake Petersen


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Jake pulled a TDar QOTW from Episode 53 with a Bionic body part. Shit got caught by Alex
  • A downer episode, went 10-20 minute with no good direction

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • I won't sell you a $25 t-shirt but a $40 book about my penis.
  • It's a short story
  • The only reason why Apple is the biggest thing in the world is because they are the biggest thing in the world.
  • STFU Mitch.
    • Jake - STFU MITCH
  • Fuck em 3 used on Mitch
  • I'm going to draw a dick on MS paint and send it to you. Then print it out and eat it.
  • Remember the podracing when Anakin was in 3rd place and used the blue shell? It was cheap.
  • It was a bunch of bad jokes. Is that what we are now? Nothing but TalkRadar references.


  • 100 page flip book of my penis.
  • Medical Freak, because vagina on his face.
  • I had to call myself the RealFlabslapper on PSN because Flabslapper was taken. I was mad.
  • I'm the best boss ever because you never hear from me.
  • How do I handle being old and not have anything going on in my life? Podcast. Get a hobby
    • Alex - Altztimers is not a hobby.
  • I'd fuck a cow.
  • My life is going to shit and all Ihave is a podcast that's going to shit.
  • Jerk off in the gun.


  • Alex I was going to interrupt you but.
  • Used alex (fuck em3x)

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