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Length: 2:01:27

Hosts: Alex Drew Kate

Guest: WillyFresh


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Charity work?
  • What rare thing do you want from a videogame?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex always hates the what you've been playing question
  • Andy youngest bro acts like he is a gangster but he wants to buy all the Webkinz.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Tony can suck his own weiner.
    • ​Kate - He totally can.
  • ​The cabaret strip club has the best restrooms to get raped in.
  • My mom gave me Pokemon cards when they didn't mean anything.
  • Douchebag asshole from high school I know now does gay porn records himself jerking himself off to gay dudes.
  • Matt here for charity I donate to a spermbank.
  • Seeing a celebrity in person is like seeing a teacher. I don't care
  • We are just running gags now. Fuck em Fuck em Fuck em
  • The last time I went to camp I taught a kid to masturbate.
  • (Horrible aunt again) Hate = Henry
  • Fuck you in the face Breener for being taller than me.
  • What's the fastest way out the internet?
    • ​Drew - Child pnography


  • I'm not good at selling myself.
  • Asssmoothie is the best website ever.
  • I saw my ex girlfriend. I said I had a malignant brain tumor and I didn't have much time to live.
  • We got willy to talk about willy.
  • My parents don't like each other but they unite against me.
  • Shut the fuck up Alex.


  • I am fuckface.
  • Why am I the exception?
    • ​Willy - No you're not.
  • ​I love steam so much.
    • ​Willy - I don't fucking care.
  • ​I found a $1 in my pocket.
    • ​Alex - And then you met a guy called Great Wealth.


  • I came out diploma first
  • I believe Drew will take these crayons and go to the corner.
  • I was an extra in Kevin James Here Comes the Boom. Kevin James is an asshole.
  • So I have been playing Deus Ex. You play as 2 cops Deus and Ex.
  • Everytime Matt talks about Batman it pisses me off.
  • Vaginal discharge. Tasty or gross?
  • The worst first date Spiderman 3. I pushing the girl aside so I can listen to Aunt May's boring story. When the credits ended I was the most disappointed man in the world.
  • My favorite brown thing in life is my door which keeps miserable people away from me.
  • Age 14, parents are divorced I won't go into that.
    • Kate - Sexy
  • I got blamed for a fap I never did.
  • You know what's not sexy?
    • Drew - Kate.

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