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Length: 2:16:38

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song: Baker Street Dance Remix

Content Covered:

  • Fighting Games
  • Pokemon design flaws

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • First time Alex mentions the scam of the Cooking with sperm cookbook.
  • Ever tried your own cum?
    • Mitch- No
    • Tony- No
    • Matt- No
    • Alex- Accident
  • Sucked own dick? first mentioned.
  • First animated crush?

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • The Democrats charge too much for DLC.
  • We all have to get to the next funeral.
  • Is it amazing I draw a line and nothign happens, but if I curve that line it gives you a boner?
  • (Cum) It tastes like it smells. I had a tadpole and it colonized all my tastebuds for the next 40 seconds.
  • My new Pink Button is a labia dye.
  • Going back to Mortal Kombat because that's the only thing I know about life.
  • I thought I was going to get a Game Boy for Christmas but my dad punched me in the face.
  • If a Disney princess came to my real world, I would teach her what sex was and it would be amazing.
  • Jaded on sex.
  • One of first internet memories was Thelma being fucked by bread.


  • You can sell it for a handjob.
  • It works your imagination which works your hand which works your dick.
  • I'm not a hater I want everyone to get laid.
  • I prefer older women but on my internet persona I'm the biggest pedophile.
  • Of the 4 of us Tony is the smallest.
  • Sex corner on Friends With Benefits who haven't had sex in 4 years, but I remember it fondly. Not the last time but the time before that.
  • Real Sex on HBO women brush their teeth with cum.
  • Personally I know my semen smells.
  • Darktone goes down on vag with a lobster napkin and all.
  • Tangle Me
    • Alex - Don't you mean Tangled?
  • Did you see Mega Head?
    • Mitch - You mean Mega Mind?


  • My butt is so tight.
  • I feel it would be like ketchup and I would put too much. (cooking with sperm)
  • Pregnancy is a dish served hot.
  • Every girl I start out with is pink and turns red.
    • Alex - If you said white I would have laughed.
  • Is the Collectors edition spelled with a K?
    • Alex - Yes
    • Mitch - God damn it.

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