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Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Ghost Trick mentioned again

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex loves Binding of Issac

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Fuck everyone.
  • Put a penis in your mouth filled with razorblades.
  • I don't want to commit suicide. I see dead children.



  • It's totally Halloween. Boo!
  • (MrSuitman) I can't believe he puts so much shit into our shitty shitty podcast.
  • For every Flabslapper is a equal and opposite Flabslapper. One is light and one is dark.
  • Why don't I draw the Batman symbol on my dick and put it in your mouth? It will be a better taste.
  • Gears Triple.
    • Tony - Great game.
  • Okay, next topic.


  • Spooky Kooky Gooks!
  • I wrote Spooky Kooky Gooks.
    • Matt - You said that not wrote that.
  • Mr Suitman is Asian?
    • Matt - His name is Le.
  • What is BroPan again?
  • My skeleton pal Boney Jones
    • Kate - Shut up.
  • We're talking about Ghost Trick Again.


  • So my friend gave me 2 games.
    • Kate - Just marry him Jesus Christ.

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