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Hosts: Alex Matt Tony

Guest: Amanda Johnston


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Gamestop power up points card

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Tony while being a GTA fan did not know Claude Speed was name of GTA III protagonist Alex knew
  • Alex on how he lost his Boston accent because he hated his 11 year old self on TV with horrible accent. Trained hard not to sound retarded.
  • Alex mentions game he bought at PAX 2011
  • Tony beat Ghost Trick
  • Alex hates Willy Wonka 1973

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Any girl you know be born in the 90's, they should be born 2000 and up.
  • That sounds like a real girl, not Kate.
    • Matt -Whats you're fucking name?
    • Amanda - Asshole.
  • Head of marketing ate his own asshole and got really sick.
  • Can you recommend any Wii games? Your tits are nice.
  • Gamestop they buy games wrong.
  • What was the.. Yes what the fuck do you want
  • Bookfart why are you trying to steal my book?
  • I wish I could watch a video of the penises and the Batman.
  • President of EA on Simpsons Game long story short, fuck you.
  • Montana accent add r's to everything.
  • We get to negative downloads.
  • I would believe it if she didn't edit the podcast.
    • Amanda - Matt would not go on the floor to help out.
    • Matt - Born in 92 her tits were nice.
    • Amanda - Next day thanked you and told about her kids and guys she's dating and there was a huge ass fucking grin on his face.
    • Alex - Eating a Thanksgiving shit dinner.
  • My mom dated PC gamers.
  • President of EA I was rubbing shit on my nipples when I was thinking.
  • I'm not a idiot customer.
    • Matt - You fucking sound like one.
  • Discovery Reward Zone card.
    • Matt - Do you think you're wrong and why?
  • Gamestop they buy games wrong.


  • Alex you are wrong and why.
  • I thought we had a 100% exclusive Mela breakup.
  • Italian aliens. Imma bust ya chest.
  • I got Jews and Wops confused
  • I never stop cumming when I play as Catwoman.
  • I thought April was before March. 
  • I thought English beer was served hot.
    • Alex -With a teabag.
  • GTA V, it's not like they would not make one billion.
  • It would take all of us to suck your dick.
    • Tony - Choose a side.
  • She's only 10 but she developed early.


  • Suck my dick.
    • ​Matt - It would take all of us.
  • (1:10:13) What? Who? You are a cunt, what the fuck you midget.
  • The BroPan podcast.


  • I was doing it with my mom (Animal Crossing)

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