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Length: 2:13:35

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch Tony

Intro: Some anime. I don't know what it is.

Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Skyrim was mentioned.
  • What games they played over Winter break and games beaten.
  • Mitch talking about Zelda
  • Tony MW3
  • Kirby Game that released in 2011 Return to Dreamland
  • Mitch talks about the Battleship trailer. Oh my god.....
  • 1:30:25 Alex and Mitch erotic fan fiction 1:34:00 (Kazmo)
  • Matt "Why the I never asked for this" Deus Ex Human Revolution" Internet humor sucks

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex played Dead Island for the first time.
  • Some fun, but disappointed it was not survival base.
  • Kirby is Alex's favorite Nintendo franchise.
  • Matt mispronounces Mario many different ways 46 min in
  • Matt in RPG's play characters as brute force.
  • Mitch saw friend play Killzone, couldn't tell difference between Resistance (repeat)

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Mitch has been married, had 3 kids. Had his wife stab him then kill his kids and he had to eat his kids to survive.
    • Matt - All 3 kids had his face.
  • I don't know what I was going to say because I want to stab you until you are nothing.
  • I stole it from PAX. I meant I bought it from PAX.
  • Wii U Fuck it. I forgotten about it until you told us.
  • Super Toy Foy is pretty entertaining.
  • Mitch I will fuck anyone on Random Assault except you Mitch.
  • During break, Mitch fucked up eating an apple.
    • Matt - He shoved it up is ass.
  • It's good to be back, but no one knows.
  • Mario Party 8 has a game where it simulates jerking off.
    • Matt - I know and it's shit.


  • Skyward Sword, name one thing different about the new Zelda game? You lose.
  • If you are a new listener it seems seamless, but for you other listeners it's been 4 years.
  • Skyrim let me talk about Skryim.
  • Whoa back it up Mitch. You have to remove fur to kill an animal?
  • Random dragon encounters, and glitches.
  • Half way through I got hard. When it was about men, I got even harder.
  • Keep the Gay Nazi bashing to a minimum.


  • I spoke to Jayson Canning online for 3 hours. He's a nice guy.
    • Alex - A cool guy is a cool guy.
  • Do you like Zelda?
    • Matt and Tony mumble grudgingly - Yes.
  • Battle Royale "Sweet Truck from Twisted Metal."
  • Rico from Killzone I don't know who that is.


  • Ladies love Komono Dragon underwear

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