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Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Horrible Vita launch
  • Dead Island, Fallout New Vegas
  • Midway
  • Unfunny worker at Gov job, but happy about it since everyone around him was annoyed

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Kate had idea of FWB podcast have a puddle of sperm logo
  • Started the abandoned Circuit City as a secret RA
  • Tony correct about Vin Diesel game called WheelMan. He said it first
  • Alex hates George Carlin.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • It is 35 not 40. Fuck you. I am America.
  • After the show you can have my autographs.
  • Ah man the 2012 VGAs. They sucked.
  • I was about to say something before I get interrupted by a mentally ill person that eats his own feces.
  • Mitch stupid line humor
  • I am not a midget. That's not fair.
  • I don't care about Street Fuck and why did they have to make it vs. or X.
  • You are a liar and a piece of shit. Liar and a fuckface. GUNBOOSTER!
    • Mitch - Oh God, you can find my shitty youtube page.
  • I stalked you for research. What a dumb fucking person. Mr.Ovenmitts a dumb character.
  • Andy Dick is Mitch's dad and he is dead.
  • This was back when I thought Drew was Asian. They way he sounds.
  • You know what I miss?
    • Kate - Matt
    • Tony - Good podcasts.


  • Kicked out of art class suspended for a week. Assignment was draw whatever you see when you get out of the window. Drew a old woman in shock, and a guy holding on to the dick of a horse.
    • Mitch - How old were you?
    • 10.
  • Are you FelixtheCat?
  • Jake Petersen stopped messaging me.
  • I love Mitch Hedberg. He is the most funniest person with the name Mitch.
  • Wait you had an important message to post and its a Skyrim reference? FUCK OFF.
  • Only Mitch could missing shooting himself in the house.
  • Failed a music appreciation assignment. Didn't know what one Japanese song to an anime meant.
  • Box of dildos went to my landlords address and he is a priest.
  • Mitch why do you assume people jerk off to us?
  • UK Retail Stores Flibbity Jibbers?
  • (Mitch) Fuck you shut up.
  • I still don't have a job and still I'm poor.
  • Tried to steal 35 cents of change, but was caught by MacDonald's employee. It made me feel greasy and disguting.
    • Tony - You are.


  • You are the biggest failure.
    • Kate - I am.
  • We are talking about overhead projectors.
  • I like making fun of Alex.
    • Alex - You do a terrible job.
  • I got a message from Jake on PSN YOU GOT SLY! and next message was!
  • I'm Kate and I hate everything and I don't have a penis.
  • A Gameboy Advance game.
    • Kate - You couldn't advance?
  • Matt is a chill motherfucker.
    • Alex, Kate, Tony "No."
  • Awesome story.
    • Kate - Shut the fuck up.
  • I can say spooky kooky gooks?
  • Maybe if you were a child molester.
    • Alex - Who said I'm not?
  • How old is Mela?
    • Alex - 42.


  • VGAs.
  • Ladies and gentlemen. We are getting a new Dizzy game.

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