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Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Intro: JewWario intro plug

Closing Song: Super Sonic Racing

Content Covered:

  • Matt went to MAGFest
    • Activision PR guy had 1,000 of Guitar Hero Aerosmith to give away. Not Dan Amrich but has no shortage of those games to give away.
  • Interview Matt did at MAGFest JewWario
  • Ghost Trick covered
  • Star Wars Phantom Menace I
    • Questions What branch of military service would you enter into?
    • Who's your favorite online critic?
    • Any words off limits?
    • How would you want to be executed?
    • Scary parts in movie as a child

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Only time Random Assault will successfully do contests is at PAX East.
  • Mentioned other 100 other episode
  • nickroll created Random Assault?
  • 1:09:00 Mitch and Alex make up a fictional anime, that Alex is a annoyed of.
  • Finally called the Okami of the Podcast Officially

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • (MAGFEST) It's called the buttfuckers convention. It takes place at your house.
  • No one important ever listens to us. (Random Assault)
  • God Mitch even in death you are annoying.
  • It's kind of like a interpretative dance, but its radio.
  • Loves the Ghost Trick.
  • (Ghost Trick) Ah Japan, why did you have to Japan it up?
  • I sent a letter to Capcom saying making a game called Ghost Trick. I don't know what's about but just surprise me.
  • Ghost Trick is a good game. Buy Ghost Trick to support Ghost Trick.
  • I use masturbation as a sleeping aid and nothing more.
  • I'm eating a tube of chapstick instead of talking about Sonic.
  • Oh Jesus fuck my fuck.
  • (Kate) You use your own shit as lubricant.
  • I tuned out so much I thought I was listening to a podcast that sucked. (Star Wars)
  • Should I just kill myself? (Star Wars coverage)
  • Willy asked me if I can say migget and fagger.
  • We won't be racist unless it is really funny.


  • I was 11 for 9/11.
    • Matt - You were Canadian why did you care?
  • 9/11 was great. Class was canceled. We went to the auditorium to watch the tower fall. We had no homework for a week.
  • I'm Kate Reilly I don't post in the forums.
    • Matt - Who does.
  • I thought MAGFest was about the game MAG convention.
  • Raped by a hobo in a ditch.
  • I'll try not to kill you with my words.
  • Goddamn you Mitch and Guran Laggan. I will piss down your trachea.
  • Matt hand me the weeaboo paddle.
  • Let me jerk my pixelated cock.
  • Did you get a blowjob from a downs? Oh it was a different disability.
  • It's not a big chin. Get rid of that.
  • I use my dick as a bookmark.
  • (Mitch) It's not my fault you are an uncultured pig. Deal with it.
  • I had a picture Bible.
    • Matt -I had one to.
  • Mitch you literal piece of shit.
  • (Jake) He's running down the street ejeculating.
  • You masturbated so much your cum is now aerosol.
  • Send us questions that are actually entertaining.
  • Fans look at Jayson. You should be more like Jayson.
  • Accept Jayson into your heart.


  • We are 2 weeks ahead of the time when we record.
  • They line up basement all the way outside my house. They ran a train on me. They fucked my ass. They fill my ass with so much cum. I cumbelch. I have to clean the drains for a week. It's more than just cum. My ass is filled with so much cum. Pubic hair is matted everywhere. Guys can I talk about fucking MAGFest?
  • I went to the place where they sell stuff.
    • Alex - The vendor place?
  • (Kate) You only leave the house to get fucked in the ass.
    • Kate - He comes to my house.
  • So you never leave the house to get fucked.
    • Alex - Sometimes she wants to fuck in the snow.
  • Slabflapper is a real person you should believe in.
  • It looks a little ironic. I think I'll buy it day one.
  • I had to share a hotel room with my parents, so I couldn't jerk off for 3 days.
    • Kate - Why not jerk off with your dad?
  • She has sex with a kangaroo and everyone gets killed.
    • Kate - The story of my life.
  • Would join the Navy, so he can blow dudes.


  • Archie has a gay character of course they are messed up.
    • Kate & Alex "Ohh..." (not cool)
  • Why can't we have questions that aren't shit?
  • I try not to say nigger. If there's one word I try not to say it's nigger faggot. (2:48:00)

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