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Length: 2:02:47

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Kate Reilly pot cookie roommate story
  • Drunk Kate story
  • Put a ball gag, tied her up and spanked her with a whip. A normal night for Kate.
  • Questions
    • Favorite vgmusic of 2011?
    • Jayson Canning "Most annoying person ever you met?"
    • zabu "Get rid of 1 of 5 senses?
    • caleb Favorite console?
    • caleb Buttlemon or Mitch taint hair to eat?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Behind The Times (Alex) Games haven't played years after release
  • Matt did get Peggle Valve demo for Orange Box on the PC.
  • Did I hear this before Alex - Mortal Kombat 2011 Launch party.
  • Hellavator for the inverted skyscraper 54 floors.
  • University in the backyard that Mitch built

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Tony's arms are 3 stories long.
  • Listener, if I am blind or deaf, I am alive, make it un so.
  • Massachusetts they don't give a shit. Go to PAX, where do people say they are from? Exactly.
  • My favorite part of getting questions is getting questions.
  • I was trying to make a joke funny like you. But can't (Matt)
  • My favorite console can be any console at any time.
  • Here have a red headed slut. I already have one. It was a funny joke at the time.
  • I don't want a drink. I just want some chicken.
  • (Being drunk) As cliche as it sounds, I took out my DS and played Mortal Kombat.
  • Turns out I threw up everywhere except the toilet.
  • At least you don't have a job where you inspect canes and walkers and talk to old people.
  • I had to change in her pajamas because my clothes were covered in vomit.
  • They were frozen puke socks.
  • When I was 13 there was a bachlorette party the same time as a slumber party. (first time getting drunk)
  • My friend lite a fart and burned every single ass hair, and then I blacked out.
  • I am a sexiest piece of shit motherfucker because I assume the driver was a male.
  • Tell that story again but better (boring threeway lesbian threesome that didn't happen)
  • Played the Plants vs. Zombies on PC, 360, and DS.
  • I love my Tony expression because Matt falls for it everytime.
  • We spend all our money on the table.
  • I'm sorry Matt but Xbox is listening.
  • Mitch has a university in the backyard.
  • I pretended I was a woman and I fucked the guy.
  • Apparently Kate is naked all the time.
  • You want to go home so you can get stoned and annoy someone else.
  • I was at Mortal Kombat launch. Yes I was the first one there.
  • I can't say who it is.
    • Kate - Was it Mela?


  • I'm Kate Reilly and leave me alone.
  • I've done ass to mouth. It's not bad as long as it's clean. I don't mind the taste.
  • I'm leaving for Capcom.
  • I haven't answered the question fucktard.
  • I'm wearing nothing but a blanket.
  • Let's move in.
  • If you could fuck any Scooby Doo character who would it be?
    • Matt - Scooby Doo.
  • (Flabslapper hat) With dried sweat and sperm.
  • We are a multi national, multi racial, and multi genital podcast.
  • I could have been in a 3 lesbian threesome.
  • Whoa are you Moe?
  • I am a bisexual.
    • Alex - Do a better job.
  • She worked at a high school with retarded kids.
    • Alex -Why wonder she adopted you.
    • Matt - Were all the retarded kids in the back?
  • Almost got hit by her foster parent by a car like the Simpsons.
  • Cheesys, cheetos
    • ​Alex - I thought it was a bag of lemons.


  • I don't smoke anymore. Meh hm...
  • Be on the hunt for cunt.
  • I would go for the buttlemon because of nutrition.
  • Fuck this question I'm thinking too much. Poop shit ass.
  • Nothing hypothetical question, I want a what's your favorite fart smell.
  • One time I was high at Wawa's and saw my receipt and canceled the order. I don't want to order 99 sandwiches. Cancel everything.
  • I hate old white people because they are bitter.
  • Oh no he's a corpse again. (Spiderman Sega CD)
  • Do you know how we can reach the moon? The rocket is fueled by Kate shitty attitude.
  • Did anyone read the GamesRadar?
    • Kate - Read the gamesradar? hahahahahaha.
  • Besides all the rape happening on Japanese subways I can see all the yelling at their DSes.
  • One time I got drunk, I hurt my ankle forever.
  • Everytime I blackout its because I drink alcohol and smoke weed.
  • Dude I'm going to see if that bus is open. I thought I was going to party on that bus.
  • Saw people get fucked up from eating a lot of pot brownies
  • Better stick a dick in your ass.
  • Matt super hardcore drug consumption happen when he was 19.
  • Saw an illegal street race, cops where there, tons of cars were driving away. Was super high and saw the world go by.


  • I went to a birthday party. There was so much drugs in the birthday cake.
  • Good lord.
  • Hated a disabled women who always cutted in line and try to watch movies for free all the time.
  • I drank wine when I was 12.
    • Kate - Doesn't count because of Catholics. You drank the blood of Christ.

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