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Length: 2:29:13

Hosts: Drew Kate Matt Mitch

Intro: Random Assault Hotline

Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Uncle George Lucas
  • star wars
  • Community Service - Mitch Crash Bandicoot
  • questions favorite disney songs?
  • ten matt size cats or one mega cat that is matt sized?
  • best taste of toothpaste?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Drew won the GTA III anniversary prize GamesRadar.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • "cool kids" in high school tricked out large trucks
  • That's a JRPG on a shitty handheld. Doesn't count
  • Richard Stuffinbum.
  • It has the most graphics and shadows.
  • Mitch I'll punch you in the internet dick.
  • Got misty eyed about the Stalker Complete mod


  • I hear Rednecks talks about Tranny and lube, then I realize they are talking about cars.
  • This conversation was started by 510 BrotherPanda.
    • ​Matt - A big busty Samus?"
  • ​Ok an 11 year old flat chest Samus.
    • ​Matt - Keep talking :).
  • ​Matt I need to milk your head. How did we get here? Metroid!
  • They got Haley Duff in Napoleon Dynamite which wasn't a problem because she wasn't doing anything else.
  • I fancy myself as a rebellious intellectual even though I'm not.
  • Tyler Perry is the black god of cinema.
  • I'm one of the weird people that loves to play the COD single player campaign.
  • Resident Evil blew assholes clean off.


  • Drake is pretty hot.
  • Hey guys be quiet Drew's about to say something. Drew?
    • ​Drew - No.
  • ​Does that explain anything that I went to Catholic school.
  • No one choo-choo-chode me.
  • No one wants to see black people fly jets. (RedTails)
    • Drew - I don't.
  • (George Lucas) If I ever see him I will kick him in the fucking wrinkly balls.
  • He's not a fucking Jew. He's just an old white prick.
  • Matthew Lillard Imitating Shaggy is one of the things he is good at. It isn't acting. (51 minutes in)
  • Are you calling my mother a whore? That is the first person I had sex with.
  • I came out of here, and I also came back in. It was like a circus cannon.
  • I would be afraid of ten little me running around.
    • Drew -They'ed be jerking off.
  • They will be bukkakaying my foot.


  • Podcastception
    • Kate - I had enough Mitchster
  • I went to a Senior Prom. With a girl.
    • Kate - I couldn't go because I got expelled.

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