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Length: 2:04:20

Hosts: Alex Drew Matt Mitch


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Aquariums
  • They Live Alex and Matt agree it's a great movie
  • New Kirby game and Kirby segment
  • Alex has a good dad story about the first Zelda. 1st game he remembers playing.

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt admits Bronyhood
  • banana segment in 1st break
  • Fuck em 3x towards Tom Cruise.
  • Alex and friend dressed up a cardboard cutout of stone cold Steve Austin with a tuxedo.
  • Drew's last episode

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Flabslapper needs the hat to keep the memories in.
  • I haven't had this much fun in a podcast since I said I hated Ghost Trick.
  • The amount of times I tried to kill Mitch.
  • I received a complaint that I wasn't fuck em fuck em fuck em ing.
  • So there Mitch Rozetar fuck em fuck em fuck em.
  • Rare fuck you, you shouldn't make any games ohhh.
  • When I play Mortal Kombat I am not Street Fighters.
  • When I fall it hurts less.
  • Don't focus on fat people, there are paralyzed children.
  • I'm gonna draw a map out of my own veins.
  • They need to do a Bear Grylls where he is inside a fetus.
  • (Bentley) Does his wheelchair goes slow?
  • Infant paralyzed? No problem
  • I was going to save it for someone special.
    • Matt -Jesus?
  • Alex Jesus Elston.
  • Zelda touches me right in the Triforce.


  • I saw this huge black shadow.
    • Matt - You saw Tony.
  • almost got bit by a hammerhead shark.
  • Not a fan of Betheseda on how hard it is to play modded games.
  • There's a Brony mod for Skyrim
    • Alex - Fuck
  • There's one mod I installed in Skyrim. Killable children.
  • When you can't fuck people, I get mods.
  • When I fall I break every bone in my body. When Tony falls he dies.


  • I'm Matt Popayanopolus and I'm drinking podcast juice.
  • Went to the Atlanta coke museum.
  • That would be the most boring movie ever. Lie.
  • It was a guy and a girl, and I said don't look up with  your mouth open. I jerked off in her mouth. 
  • We are going to get Jim Cornett on Random Assault. Mark my words.
  • Whoa. Teen Titans. You know I spilled a lot to Raven.
  • Hey fat fuck left the pop tarts downstairs? Use this wheelchair.
  • Maybe those people at GamesRadar can review ohhhh.


  • Is there sharks in Just Cause 2?
    • Alex - Just cause.
  • I never seen an episode of Trigun. Actually I seen the first 4.
    • Matt - Stop lying Jesus Christ.
  • Hey Alex I have a copy of Blaster Master that I use to hold up my coffee table. Get mad.

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