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Length: 1:58:12

Hosts: Drew, Kate, Matt, Mitch


Closing Song: Super Mario World Remix

Content Covered:

  • Elementary school Pokemon rumors
  • Favorite Pokemon
  • 14 year old kid at Six Flags, Atlanta Georgia that lost his head on Batman ride. TURbo was there that day.
  • Cat fuck segment

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt mentions Total Recall is his favorite movie ever made.
  • Blasian Baron first mentioned

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • There's a part of Sexy Beach 3 I need to discuss. The environments are amazing.


  • Ever since I changed my name online I've been getting so many dick pics thinking it would win me over.
  • Drew I want you to send me LazyTime futa fisting.
  • Crazy Taxi with the Gran Turismo engine.
  • Throwing something at a hard dick is like a ring toss.
  • (Kid who's head decapitated at Six Flags) That funeral must have been hilarious.
  • You a nigrar.
    • Matt - That's a file extension.
  • Cops!
    • Matt - We are talking about lollicon (misspelling is intentional for good reasons)


  • I jerk off to the Pokemon Lopunny.
  • I never feel guilty to what I jerk off.
  • I was talking about Pokemon and some guy mentioned grown men shouldn't be playing Pokemon. I said grown men shouldn't be jerking off to Pokemon but I do that too. The guy had nothing to say and walked away.
  • What's the female term for dick shit?
    • Kate - Vag splat.


  • I want a NBA street game but you can deal drugs.
  • Her being 15 makes me feel less guilty to jerk off.
  • The sirens in the background
    • Matt "The cops are coming to arrest me for jerking off to Lopunny.

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