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Length: 1:58:00

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • GTA
  • Max Payne 3
  • RE6
  • community service tony Scarface 1932 version
  • PSN Plus Kate Not so good, Mitch defender

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Mitch doesn't think GTA is popular in UK despite being made there, and being only behind Call of Duty and FIFA for debut sales
  • Kate correct with Vivendi buying with Activision
  • Simpson game ad in first break

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Skype is so expensive.
  • I could do a better job playing a women,
  • My brother was on suicide watch at age 5. Schools are stupid.
  • Let me get my friend George Lucas to talk about black people.
  • Black crossdressers are better looking than black trannies.
  • 16 legal just saying.
  • My roommate has a Transaurus Rex.
    • Matt - You mean tranny sex?
  • Used Kingdom of Crystal Skull logic for Heavy Rain. Hide in fridge to survive.
  • Coughman is wrong, Crash is better than Spyro..
  • The Jews hate themselves and the Italians do organized crime.
  • Sony pardon my racism, but you are Indianing the online.


  • We have twice as many episodes as an other podcast, and we only asked for donations once.
  • If you pay as $50 I will fuck my own ass.
  • I watched a movie where Tyler Perry wasn't a women and it wasn't that bad.
  • Why are you hanging out with 16 year olds?
  • Mario big wap dego fat fuck.
  • I thought he was saying it from his thick spaghetti accent.
  • 19 will forever be the worst.
  • The only time he had a good time was when we talked about a crippled Englishmen.
  • Magneto would use his magnet power to raise or lower 'some superhero" dick like a bridge.
  • Jews and Italians I get mixed up all the time because of their big fucking noses.
  • Little Nicky I love that movie.


  • Yeah, animation school that thing I did for 4 years.
    • Kate - Ok Mitch.
  • It feels like your daughter is dating a big black guy.
    • Tony - Yeah.
    • Kate -That would be great for threesomes. I would be a great mother.


  • Random Assault 2nd segment. Hi.
  • Please send us a she-mail.
  • On facebook people are telling me all you are saying is Random Assault and community service. Are you alright?

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