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Length: 2:15:40

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch

Guest: Le Tran


Closing Song: whatever Le Tran requested

Content Covered:

  • MrSuitman art appreciation. Alex impressed by the details.
  • Matt, Mitch, Alex will be at PAX East 2012 official announcement
  • Japanese censorship in porn
  • Outdated PS2 speculation from a PS magazine.
  • 2nd break Sonic on a Tiger device
  • Mitch on 1 star reviews on iOS devices
  • Le Tran Community Service "CyberBully"

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Banner art by Le Tran
  • Alex hates the Blasian Baron
  • Home Movie Birthday song in 1st break
  • plug by Cheyrll Del Rosario

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Destruction of a culture.
  • Mitch you're talking about Kate about shitty jokes? You piece of shit. 
  • This is the weakest opening in 30 episodes.
  • Oh Kate, your Wii isn't standing up anymore.
  • You can always go wrong with any character Mitch makes.
  • Bookfart was summoned as a character because Boney Jones was so stupid.
  • Michulous Cage. Be careful, that could turn into another character.
  • Fans, we love to puckerup and kiss your assholes.
  • The Boston Cum Party we threw our testicles in the ocean.
  • (Willyfresh) He can't break your teeth then nothing will be holding back your words. (Mitch)
  • Think of how many MegaBigs that is.
  • People talk about Massasschuttes as a videogame hub because of PAX. How many people fly into PAX exactly.
  • Does not love Smash Bros Melee.
  • Heart is black and soft like her penis.
  • How's your Angry Birds? My Angry Birds are more angry than your angry birds. God you people would never talk about videogames.
  • Did you know in America today there is a faction called trolls. These trolls like to intentionally say mean things to get people mad. There was this one gentlemen nimrod severn. I can't do this anymore.


  • Mitch ruins everything.
  • For those going to PAX, on Friday I will be in my living room crying.
  • (Mitch joke) Oh god I want to die.
  • I thought I was Le Tran.
    • Le Tran - You made that joke a couple months ago. It's old. (SHUT DOWN)
  • You're lecturing me on shitty jokes? (Mitch)
  • Matt comes frequently.
  • (Le Tran) Why do you like us? I don't fucking understand. I hate everyone.
  • It is 13 in Japan. That is exactly right. (Age of Consent)'
  • Can I complain, the 16 year old roommate plays dubstep very loudly on her laptop while I'm trying to watch a movie.
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • I'm going to harvest clits and fashion them to an arcade stick.
  • Kill yourself. Kill yourself.
  • If you were disembowling someone what organ would you take as a trophy?


  • Please put the gun down.
    • Alex - Never. It's a gun filled with knives.
  • I'm Mitch and I'm the Henry Gilbert of the show.
  • Why no Boney Jones are Bookfart fan art?
    • Alex - Whoa...
  • If I meet a fan in real life I will kiss their asshole. Get ready Jayson.
  • We are going to tear Boston in shreds.
    • Alex - Then I will live in it.
  • Naurto
  • If this movie was based on a real story, there would have been more cyberbullying in spite.

Le Tran

  • What's up guys it's Le Tran, known as Mr. Suitman YEEEEAAH.
    • Alex - I just came with artistic intergrity.
  • It's Hari Kari, You're a weeabo get your shit straight.
  • A game that is shit, but you love the music, characters and the non gameplay?
  • Disgaea and Pheonix Wright.
  • Fuck Lucario.
  • Monster Hunter does grinding right.
    • Alex - That's become you're Asian.
  • He's losing is losing his nose and already lost his nose. What's next? His dick? (aforextreme)
  • Fat bitch is being a bitch.
  • The fat bitch has her hands on the medicine bottle and yells why can't I open the bottle. She fails at failing.
  • Conclusion of the movie, she goes through a cyberbullying support group.

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