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Length: 1:58:43

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:


  • Least favorite house chore?
  • Inappropriate place naked? - Mitch 15 years old top of a mountain, gave no further context

Other Shit and some Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Remember the kool aids points? You could get a tent.
  • I got a 3DS. It took 3D pics of my private parts.
  • I wrote Samurai Gunman before I knew of Rising Zan.
  • One of my weeaboos drew hardcore yaoi in art class.
  • When I got my own place it was fruit loops everyday. That's how I rebelled.
  • Not all porn is for kids, some of it is, but that's illegal.
  • I had sex outside in the winter. It was cold.
  • We did a segment on our cock sizes.
  • If you inject alcohol in your nuts it will kill it.
    • Matt - No don't do it.


  • There is a lot of reasons not to be gay Kate. 1. It's a sin.
  • Don't be gay or be supergay. Don't be in between.
  • Muscle March plays like shit like most Wii games.
  • Nothing is an animated cartoon in the US. It's all done in Korea.
  • Im busting your balls Kate.
    • Kate - My balls have been already busted.
  • I drew Card Capture Sakura.
    • Mitch - I like where this is going.
  • We are all going to get cancer fuck it.
  • The wailing wall of Wii games.
    • Kate - Fuck it we should be Jewish.
  • How big is your dick?
    • Mitch - Ask TURbo.
  • I expect to get laid at PAX. Doesn't matter whom. That's an invitation.
  • When I was 15 I liked to be naked. Do you know why?
  • I have an extremely high gentialia.
  • I want a spankuary.
  • I have an extremely hairy gentalia they can engulf my balls.
  • Are we going to fill 30 minutes of dicktalk?


  • Matt and I are dating. We are the gays. We are going to Boston together and taking pictures.
  • The 4th came out last fall?
    • Matt - When did the 4th come out?
  • In animation school all the black people liked Boondocks and Samuari Champloo.
  • Can I bring up obscure cereals?
    • Kate - Yes that makes for great audio.
  • Domino City is the only city in Japan.
  • It's so bad it's good.
    • Matt - That's like having sex with me.
  • I have a small penis.
  • He got it from the show because he didn't personally tell me.
  • The first time I saw that I was like oh god he is going to rape me. I feel like I will have a d in the b.


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