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Length: 2:03:36

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony 

Guest Cheryll Del Rosario


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Cheryll career and study path before GamesRadar.
  • Likes Samurai Champloo
  • Random Assault Contest on Mortal Kombat

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt had an idea of cosplaying as America from something.
  • Play magic the gathering? Nope
  • something you won't fap to? Matt "Goru"
  • Dominant or submissive?
  • Participated in gay pride parade? Matt went to one in Phildelphia.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Jake sent us fan mail in November. Didn't get read until March, and won't air until April.
  • We can live in a giant mansion that we already live in now.
  • Drew here console gamers are faggots and you can download the graphics on the PC.
  • Ate catfood at hospital and I got better.
  • Saw Christopher Lloyd at hospital making out with cousin at hospital.
  • Saw a man who was weird like Jesus then 3 years later a General Manager at Outback steakhouse and last picture he took was his engine on fire.


  • Our first podcast was about TalkRadar, but that never got coverage.
  • Most of the Dance Central reviews were written by game journalists that didn't want to move.
  • 510BrotherPanda I know you're Christian please don't yell at me.
  • I escaped out the window to avoid church but not for Dragonball.
  • When he takes naked pictures behind people sleepy, he must be socialable.
  • A story of fail. Knocked a bottle and completely soaked her Dreamcast. 
  • Nagata " I want to hug him"
  • When I opened my inbox, I got a lot of random dick pics.
  • Apparently he's not doing a wiki, because we don't deserve it yet but we have a tropes page.
  • I'm not bullshitting a fucking thing.
    • Alex - Bullshit you are putting pills in your butt.
  • All I have done with the 3DS, is 3D pictures of my tits.
  • (What is a man?) I forgot long ago.
  • His penis looks like he melted 2 crayons together.
  • My mom would use the demonic angle to throw away my things.
  • Most people in my skype contact have seen boobs and weiner. I'm sorry TURbo.
    • Matt - That was a happy accident.


  • Tony you are black and english. How happen?
  • Is he god damn it. If he gets mad, he'll message me and then send me porn.
  • My dick is the only thing that can scare Batman.
  • Your becoming a women, and you need to control your body.
  • Looking forward to Max Payne 3.
  • My body pillow is always there for me.
  • I have a crush on Lizzie Cuevas, that's what I was trying to say.
  • I get no penis pictures.


  • Nagata awesome.
  • Amazon. It's Ama-zun.
  • A man is anyone who can benchpress 300 lbs.
  • When Jesus brings up playing cards then I'l believe.
  • Black people don't like being handcuffed.
  • We don't have that in the UK. The parades.


  • I got laid off from Future but still get freelance from them. Money's money.
    • ​Kate - That's what I say on the street corner.
  • Chris likes to be bothered.
  • Majority of women are straight.
    • Matt - That's not fun.
  • Women dress to impress other women.
  • What is a butt lemon?
    • Regular listeners know.

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