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Length: 2:16:01

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Other Shit and some Facts:
  • favorite meme?
  • biggest problem of podcast?
alex - anime
tony - time difference
  • foulest of mix of food eaten?
  • favorite Mass Effect character
  • Why does Mitch keep disappearing?
  • Was that questioned asked by Mitch?

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Matt doesn't have headphones so he duct tapes speakers together.
  • Penis vagina dildly ding dong.
  • I was playing Portal 2 and I couldn't stop thinking about you.
  • I'm going to hire a team of engineers to put an combustible lemon in your asshole
  • My high school anatomy teacher was way too smart to be a high school anatomy teacher.
    • Matt - No he wasn't or he wouldn't be one.
  • 2nd hand source Bill Nye is an asshole.
  • 6th grade worse year of school.
  • They told us how to behave and that's how I discovered science.
  • I don't like tall girls.
    • Kate - That's because you are 2 foot 3.
  • I can wear Tony's jersey as a bedsheet.
  • rip off rozetar


  • Speaking of the T-virus.
  • My one year trannversary
  • You don't have a nose don't try to upstage me on my special day.
  • I love getting porked.
  • Another tranny has a 2DS but streetpass didn't work.
  • Pratt's creatures were great before they fucked it up with zubmufoo.
  • I watch porn academically. Like ahh that's interesting.
  • Judging by the disney porn on the internet, they think they are making sexy stuff.
  • I stuffed salad into my milk and drank it.
  • I realized my tranivsary same day as japan earthquake


  • It's our facebook friendship relationship 2 year anniversary with Mitch.
  • A childs job is to seduce pedophiles. I didn't say I agree with the practice but that's what they do.
  • I took a shit over a restaurant table once.
  • Some people want to watch the world learn.
  • Met a girl that was preggos.
  • curry smells like diaper shit
  • boss at taco bell look like a cunt dump due to diet.
  • Look for my articles sexual assault. It's a relationship advice column.


  • It's only been 2 months.
  • That's plaguraizing petty.
  • Matt is my girlfriend, and we're gay and we put our dicks in each other.
  • Open up your butthole penis up to.
  • I like Indian food but as in Indian food Dunkin Dounts


When a girl wears my NFL jersey that is amazing.

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