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Length: 1:58:10

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guest: Tareq Brief bit of Curtis


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Mass Effect 3 ending suck and other endings that suck too
  • Why is IE bad Alex?
  • Random Assault News Team how many women have you had sex with? Tony is 7?
  • RA host sex count
    • alex 5
    • kate (6) says 7 4 women 3 men
    • tony 7 all girls
    • mitch 4
    • matt 3
  • opinion on the great divide?
  • what do you have on your bed?
  • one thing to break trust forever?
  • favorite shape?

Other Shit and some Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Kate is getting the surgery where she cuts the top of her head so she can put balls in it.
  • Tony is 7? Bullshit.
  • I found a Wii nunchuck in my butt.
    • Tareq - Kate must have put it there.
  • You killed podcast for Tareq is wasn't on.
  • Oh I'm men-strating Mr. J it's coming out red and black. (Harley Quinn voice)
  • Anyone had a wet nightmare?
  • When did my life become so fucking stupid?
  • I listened to the Fuck you I'll do what I want with Spiderman.
  • Left work today on his laptop while walking, you can't do that when punching out, Fuck you I'll do what I want then I started dancing with the laptop on my shoulder spinning in place. I walked out of a government restricted area with it blaring full volume.
  • All I do is cry.
  • Kate is counting the rings on her ass.
  • My favorite thing in gv buildings is listening to antiflag.
  • tareq impression 1:51:40 in


  • I'm Kate Reilly and I'm not supposed to be here.
  • If only there was a Magic Sly deck.
  • I can only count six I remember.
  • I've been having some personal problems lately.
    • Alex - And Big Bang Theory helped me through it.
  • Not for downloadaball content?
  • You must gaze into the eye of the dick.
  • Hey faggot is not a Scorpion.
  • If Mitch likes it, we fucked up.
  • It was lesbian sex but we both had weiners.
    • Alex - Doesn't count.
  • You guys suck horse dick?
  • Goddamn it don't bring up boney jones.
  • I'll hit you with the RA Creative Director Producer dick.
  • Who gave the french planes?
  • Except Jayson Canning, our guest list is free.
  • I stumbled my porn and I seen it all and I don't get any new stumbleupon. It made me disappoint.
  • Most women get moist when they get a package.
  • My baby batter forgot the ingredients to make babies.
  • Lost my virginity at 15.
  • What is a podcast?
    • Tareq - An outdated Apple buzzword.


  • Curtis I heard you were a feeg.
  • Cunt-tinue
  • He doesn't afraid of anything. Even little boys on Kinect.
  • If google wants to know how much dickporn I look at that's fine.
  • I told you about stairs bro. I warned you.
  • It was the only game I wanted on Kinect and it didn't happen. I wanted to show him my dick.
  • That country you won't let through the airports.
  • When you look into the eye of the dick your mind stumbles into darkness.
  • Are you telling me Mr. Bucket is a metaphor for waterboarding?
  • The balls are already in the box, and I have to pay for it? Mr. Bucket Capcom edition
  • When I fucked you in the ass you didn't say you were gay.P
  • Mitch had more sex with more women than me?
  • People should realize the videogame industry is bullshit.
  • What do you have on your bed? (Cum)
  • Rhombus sounds like a butt.
  • Souja Boy tell em.
    • Kate - Sit in the corner.


  • 47?
    • Alex - I hate you already.
    • Kate - Shut Up. 
  • They can lie and then sleep with some other guy.
    • Matt - I will never do that to you Mitch.


  • Mr. Bucket created waterboarding.
  • Can I be Jake? Magic the Gathering Magic the Gathering, Sly Sly.
  • Have the banner be all in comic sans.
  • If you have less than 8GB of RAM in your PC you are doing it wrong.
  • You know the Eddie Murphy movie where he doesn't talk, you should watch it.
  • Women with sexy bodies but with Matt's face.


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