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Length: 1:49:12

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch

Guests: WillyFresh David Duke


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • PAX East 2012
  • Bit Trip 2 interviews
  • Alex and Mortal Kombat related
  • Gamer Grub fucking sucks

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • First PAX East as Random Assault.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Wow I can see Mitch really well through Skype.
  • This is a episode taking place at PAX but won't be on until a month later.
  • This is why Jayson won't be on, it will be nothing but inside jokes with Mitch.
  • I'm Alex Bloodyshadow Cabral and Mitch fuck em Rozetar.
  • I'm on a ball I feel like a seal.
  • Hey he's cosplaying as my balls.
  • I opened it with boners what else do you want.
  • Jayson how does the inside of your ass records?
  • Wow everyone be quiet.
  • Ah a Pegacorn.
  • I have a set of dicks that goes to my chest to my chin.
  • This is a killjoy let's talk about dicks.
  • Mitch in person is out of focus in person which hurts my eyes.
  • Thanks for taking my joke, putting it in your asshole throwing it up backwards and then kissing on it.
  • Matt came for blowjobs, and we came for fan butt molesting.
  • I like to put my penis in myself.
  • We have to kill you to eliminate the competition.
  • Go touch dicks with Dave.
  • Better to be pissed on than to be murdered and raped.
  • Jayson, I hate you more than Mitch.
  • If my spiky hair wasn't the only defining feature I would shave my hair for a game.
  • We have a an innocent bystander here.
    • David - I'm your mix master for tonight.


  • I slept fantastic because I slept with Alex.
  • My life started as a hentai comic.
  • Thanks for an idea you don't know how to do.
  • Dude that chick with the pink hair is soo hawt.
  • There's a time and a place for fuck.
  • $100 for 100 Tacos. You can't lose.
  • I want to be on top of you.


  • Someone was humping my butt.
    • David - That was me.
    • Willy - Did you let him finish.
  • Jayson is my father and we're gay.
  • I'm Drew let's smoke some blunts 420 yeah!
  • I got licked in the face
  • david is humping my head.
  • We can fart in each others faces.
  • my dick is offspray for vaginas.


  • I'm the lovely and talented willyfresh992.
    • Alex - Whoa I came in the middle of your name
  • That is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • I don't hate you I just want to murder you.
  • I was sleeping on a homosexual's Indian carpet. I will not give you context. 
  • Sometimes I'm too goddamn angry to be funny.
  • Alex is turning into Jayson, his likeability is leaving his body.
  • I hate Jayson.
  • Judging by Jayson appearance I say it's Anime Boston.
  • We can share this experience if I kick you in the fucking face.
  • I was one of the first people to see Assassins Creed III
    • Jayson - How America was it?
  • I've been on a podcast with over 10,000 listeners and hint it's not this one.
  • I'm friends with all community managers.
  • By Dead Rising do you mean unplayable.
    • Alex -He could only play it on the Wii since that is all he could afford.


  • I got a pic with Samara from Mass Effect
  • I popped 12 boners.
  • I got butt molested by a person I don't know.
  • let's all touch tips.
  • I'll shave my ass for Borderlands 2.
  • Hates the paper things to put on toilets what are they used  for again?
    • Alex - For cosplay.


  • I touched all the butts.
  • Matt's showing his underwear.
  • You're not going to fuck it? I'll fuck it.
  • Anime Boston Homestuck is huge there.

Other guests

  • Some guy with a podcast Chris
  • Travis Touchdown
  • A girl?!?!?! Emily from Canada Ottawa
  • Your dick on my neck. best and worse experience
  • Armond


  • Prefers PAX compared to Anime Boston.
  • I have to do a google safesearch when I look up characters.

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