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Length: 2:26:12

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony


Closing Song: Techno Syndrome on Piano by the great Alex Bloodyshadow Cabral.

Content Covered:

  • the Batmans
    • Pick top 3 Batman villians?
    • Does he use the guns?
    • If so non ballestic, super lethal?
    • the voice acting of Jeff Bennett
  • Tony Johnson fucking sucks at Smash Brothers
  • Fist of Northstar
  • Matt's first girlfriend story.
  • Community Service Alex on Mortal Kombat Special Forces

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Tony won a 200 pound voucher from McDonald's Monopoly.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • DLC for Lego Batman? That will fucking sell.
  • Who is this fuck and why didn't he like our podcast on facebook.
  • (Kate) You sound like Bill Cosby
  • You couldn't eat pudding pops because it will rip you and make you shit.
  • If there is porn of it Matt will jerk off to it.
  • When you throw a handjob.
  • I don't even like my question anymore. I just want to go to break.
  • You won my heart. (Matt) (Kate) Not you because you ruined the timing of the joke.
  • Fuck you Kate I don't want your trolling because no one believes you.
  • Camera is horrible. You can't go through that door but the camera can. (MK Special Forces)
  • I'm in a Mortal Kombat game but I'm in a bank.
  • Tremor is the brown palette swap ninja. the 1st elemental.
  • I did not beat Mortal Kombat Special Forces.
  • They see you before they load on the screen.
  • Why are their computers in an ancient temple?
  • Light purple isn't fuchsia, it's fucking amethyst.
  • Wow the telephones are ringing now.
  • First thing Jax says is want some fries with that whoop ass.
  • I stuck my dick in her vagina but it felt like a penis.
  • TURbo like blah blah blah I can tell this is not canon. Stop trying to make up history to be right.
  • I haven't seen a Bruce Lee movie but if I did I guess I would like them all.
  • People think I'm a
    • Tony - Straight.
  • I'm not a big nerd geek as people nearby think to believe. (cback not into Sci Fi, Star Wars, Trek, LOTR)


  • If we turn to ponies, I will swallow razor blades with arsenic.
  • Why am I wrong for not caring?
  • I don't care about your heart Alex because it is made of fucking poison.
  • When did you tell her when you were gay.
  • Tony would you have sex with TURbo?
    • Tony - No
    • Alex - Who wouldn't? Oh Tony.


  • I haven't been doing anything except fucking biology and ponies.
  • A pervert and borderline rapist, but deep inside he is a decent guy. (Golden Boy)
  • I'm a multi faceted and complicated man.
  • You can talk to us live.
  • We are going to turn this podcast into nothing but ponies.
  • I played Shadows of the Damned, It was ok.
  • I rented it from where I work. McDonalds. It's funny but every area seems to be the same.
  • It's a Pokedex of PC games I will never get through.
  • Susan McMuffin said something and I said lick my nuts.
  • You won free gas at Pass N Go.
  • At first I was like of all the fucks I give I give none. And then I found I had one.
  • She's sitting on my futa.
  • Now I get boners all the time. I don't care anymore. Regardless of age, gender, species, consent. I get boners everywhere. But watch Golden Boy.
  • The war or some war.
  • 2000 years ago a turtle took a shit. (origin of an anime that revealed too much supernatural backstory)
  • I should tell Japan about that.


  • I'm Tony Smash Brothers Johnson
  • Do you have a McDonalds monopoly in the US?

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