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Length: 1:59:40

Hosts: Alex Drew Kate Mitch


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • First time Jerk off?
    • Kate 12
    • Andy 12
    • Alex 5
  • Most fun you ever had?
    • Alex PAX
    • Kate - Fuck you.
    • Alex - You should have went.

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Started the host is dead for week they don't appear.
  • Alex not a fan of the Mortal Kombat action shorts.
  • Alex saw Jurassic Park III with the aunt she hates.(repeat)(Titanic as well)
  • Alex had bad audio levels.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Happy Easter Jesus fuckers!
  • Alex Dunham is a piece of shit and is not funny.
  • Are you a virgin fuck you!
  • 2160? We don't have that many numbers yet in technology.
  • She fell in love with me, but I used her for a fuckhole.
  • She was on her period, I pushed the tampon into her.
  • My admission to go up there with my wrist to get it back. She was loose. She told me could you stop making it feel so good.
  • TMNT Powerstone, they are robots why do they need vacations?
  • We had 41 downloads from episode 3 are best one!
  • My mom used to light incest.
  • Job "I make sure the sky doesn't explode.
  • I'm Aeshir, I'm gonna build somethign interesting.
  • Galaxy Nebula is my favorite Anamanaguchi song.
  • That joke would have been better with the moon pokemon.
  • I hate orange, I hate blue. I don't like Half Life 2.
  • I don't care if I have a lobotomy as long as its different.
  • Levar Burton he is such a black guy.
  • Saw Showgirls. I did not mentioned I shared a room with a 13 year old. He thought I was retarded. I tried to logically explain it was my boing boing.
  • I told my ex girlfriend to suck my boing boing.
  • Fuck me.


  • Portal 2 Potato sack Steam
    • Kate - I would be happy if I bought a pack of actual potatoes.


  • Matt is dead this week.
  • Raided a porn stash with a massive stockpile of sex toys.
  • We picked up the vibrator and put in in her mouth when she was asleep.
    • Hmm. Tasted Grape flavored condoms. Holy water WTF?
  • (36:50) Aeshir fuck you.
    • Alex - BroPan fuck you.
  • Hairy tits and the chamber of secrets.
  • I will go to Florida and kill you.
  • DHS Are you sure you want to overwrite your save file?
  • I have to save money for a vagina.
  • Incest McLumpyLegs
  • Alex (Boycott TalkRadar)
    • Kate - We hate them. They are jerks.
  • You should fucking die.
  • When I saw the Reading Rainbow I was shocked they had a blindman host the show.
  • We should all commit suicide.
  • I had a girlfriend too. We had to do sexy things outside. She was on her period. I was fingering her. I'm up to my arm in blood. On my shirt, it looked like I killed someone. Then I heard her scream. A cub scout group saw her spread eagle.
  • Fucking Englishmen.
  • I ripeed the balls off my mother.
  • Everynight our mother would come in and rape us. It wouldn't close. I still have to wear a sock.
  • I have a cum story (5:33)
  • The other day I was fapping. As you know the results are messy. There is other forms of masturbation via butts. I reached for a towel and it went all over my face. I thought I would be removing cream not adding it.
    • Mitch -This story does not add up.


  • Pokemon come in, Pokemon come out you can't explain that.
  • If you know anything about me I hate Mexicans.

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