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Length: 1:30:46

Hosts:RIP Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony RoboDrew

Guests: Amanda Johnston

Intro: Behind the Laughter: The Random Assault Story

Closing Song:

Content Covered: The History

  • The beginning of Random Assault. 
  • Feb 2011 6 people on a journey
  • Going slightly above bottom
  • Matt was a great leader, idea stealer and could do it better than anyone else.
  • PCN Gen was mentioned Curtis, Ben, and Jon mentioned.
  • All the people recorded in the same room and it was Matt's basement in Delaware.
  • After success they bought an abandoned Circuit City and created the inverted skyscraper mansion of 54 floors.
  • Matt became tyrannical
  • Amanda Johnston as a podcast editor assistant Paid in company shares
  •  Matt - (Kate) Not you manlady.
  • Mitch was on a parkour tour in New York while listening to Anamanguchi after his father died.
  • TDar Extravanganza was not a rousing success.
  • Matt had to get a non white person. From the UK which is a 3rd world.
  • Random Assault launched when PCN Gen was going downhill and TalkRadar was going down hill.
  • FTG and CyberKong was the next thing.
  • Tony smothered by Matt
  • How did they die mystery unsolved

(Probably paragraphs instead of bulletpoints for edit)

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Nickroll - The peak of GR forums, fans of mics.
  • Nickroll - vanished
  • Call of Matt on TDar hotine talking about ice creams
  • RA 5 TMNT flashback
  • Knights of the Nightmare Flashback
  • Kate callback of FWB cum puddle logo
  • RA 12 Flashback with Curtis Stone
  • Matt and Mitch died twice. Both died before Episode 50
  • RA Flashback Kate talking about tranny camp faggot camp
  • 2 month no podcasting in Sept to Nov 2011
  • Alex was a nightclub bouncer for a gay club.
  • Tony flew to Thailand got gonerreha.
  • Kate depressed. Got 400 lbs
  • Amanda Johnston parents died in library accident Also flew to see BP oil spill of 2010 crazy
  • Mitch was a horrible standup comedian
  • Hot teacher stories and catfood

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  •  Matt treats women so horrible that's why I keep my penis


  •  We were the best thing that site ever has or ever will seen Including the charity.
  • Fuck yo face, fuck your son's face, fuck everyones faces.
  • Had to be me and my fucking head

Lots of GR forum users from PTFGN went to FTG. Bigger and better than ever.

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