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RA 52

Length: 2:34:59

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch

Guest: David


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

Other Shit and some Facts

  • David and Mitch had a OMG Lego Island moment.
  • Mitch brings up Madoka Magica 14:05
  • Nicki Manaj talentless stupid bitch
  • Spoiled milk makes Alex throw up instantly
  • Alex use to love point and click games

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • What happened to the mansion?
  • (David) How can I like you and hate Mitch?
  • They released the fucking Behind the Scenes without our consent.
  • Drew is dead.
  • You caught me at the right time, I was just starting my all styrofoam diet.
  • Sometimes I forget people know other people.
  • I don't have 8 million dollars to play Skylanders.
  • When you do a fat chick and jizz in her rolls.
  • Mitch you would love the comics my 3 year old retarded brother makes.
    • ​Mitch - He must be good.
  • ​No he sucks and he paints with his own shit.
  • More of a overpass than a bridge (Tron Legacy)
    • ​Mitch - Did Jeff, bridges the plot for the 2 movies.?
  • Went to Centralia
    • Kate - Hell on earth? Have you ever been to Canada?
  • I appreciate Kate talking so I don't hear Mitch.
  • Imagine a PAX special of me eating 3 Big Macs.
  • You never heard me mention MK?
  • Kate gets mad when we talk about Minecraft so fuck her.
  • David get in my bed, we're recording a podcast.
  • I'm afraid of being in bed with (David) because Mela would never come back. 
  • Sonic goes to the hospital doing charity works and looks at one of the kids and said you're slow.


  • So the smell of rotten flesh is my crotch.
  • (David) Why didn't you take Drew?
  • Don't insult my heritage.
    • ​Mitch - You're a fish?
  • ​Should I write an article of all the friends I lost from Ponies and why can't we be friends anymore.
  • I turn on the radio and hear Mambo Number 5.
  • You are a pussy Mitch.
  • Hey Mitch you want to come over this weekend? I'll show you something.


  • Nothing worth putting down


  • Josh "How are you going to find Mitch's skull?"
  • I rode the Harry Potter ride. It was fucking amazing.
  • Will punch Alex in dick.
  • David - It's the one with no nose hole.
  • You stole Let's Play tacos from me.
  • It reminded me of the fan art of dick size hiearchy.
  • I like corn but I don't like to eat corn because it comes out corn and it freaks me out.
  • Hitman 1 sucks.
  • You know 3oh3!?
    • ​Mitch - No.
  • ​I remember pouring milk out and it came out chunky and I was sad.

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